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Prioritizing God's Goals For You Starter Kit | How to have Clarity and Consistency Accomplishing What God Has For You To Do | Your Home For God

Confidently establish routines and set the right goals--God's goals for you--with this set of digital resources!

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Have Purpose and Clarity!

A digital bundle to help you have the confidence to be you and achieve what God wants for you!


I found the purpose God has for me!

"Wendy truly has a heart of helping people find the unique purpose God has planned for them.

- BEUNETTE LILJE, The Netherlands, Wife And Mom of 3 -

Confidently establish routines and set the right goals for you--God's goals! Know what God wants you to do!


  • "Who I Am" and "What I Do" form to discover who God uniquely created you to be.
  • "Heart Change to Habits Changed" journal is 31 days of journal prompts to help you choose the right goals for you,
  • Scripture Cards and a set of Bible verses on prioritizing to help you know the Word of God related to prioritizing!
  • 10 Questions to help you think through what you should prioritize and the "On Further Reflection" journaling forms.
  • "Jesus Centered Journal" is a mini-devotional of10 Names of Jesus for a powerful study on Jesus to know your purpose.
Prioritizing God's Unique Goals for You

I love the encouragement in your videos so much!

"I love your encouragement so much and really enjoy your videos. I can feel your kindness and gentleness pop off the screen."

- NYNKE MILLS, The Netherlands, Wife and Homeschool Mom of 3 -

What if you could be sure you're setting the right goals?


  • Feel confident about who God uniquely created you instead of never feeling "enough"!
  • Follow God's plan for you, instead of worrying about what your friends are doing and feeling inferior!
  • Set goals with clarity, and calmly pursue what God wants you to do instead of trying to do everything, comparing yourself, and feeling like a frazzled failure!
  • See God at work in and through you using the gifts He gave you, and pursue God's goals for you instead of feeling you're not doing anything important or making any difference in the world!
  • Pursue progress, not perfection, get off the hamster wheel of comparison, and accomplish the amazing purpose God created you for instead of procrastinating and expecting perfection!

Hi, I'm Wendy!
Here to help you be YOU and JOYFULLY
accomplish His goals for you!

I know what it's like.

I was exhausted trying to do it all & please everyone. I compared myself and copied my friends. I tried to be someone I wasn't. I felt unfulfilled & frustrated and never as good as everyone else. I grew tired of striving for perfection that was unreachable in an effort to achieve goals that weren't even God's plan for me!

Then I learned to embrace the unique me that God had made. He helped me change major things in my life that had held me back, as I stopped trying to be someone else.

Since then I've lost over 90 lbs., Homeschooled my kids all the way through, become organized in my home & life, and found success as a writer, speaker, and blogger.

As I've mentored young Christian women I've seen their lives transformed. This Prioritizing Bundle will help you see how wonderfully God has created you, figure out which goals light you up because God made you that way, and have joy, confidence, and fulfillment in accomplishing God's unique goals for you.

Wendy Gunn helps young Christian moms overcome perfectionism and comparing to embrace who God uniquely created them to be, and prioritize His goals for their life!

Feel fulfilled with the right goals for YOU!

Get this bundle and have the confidence to be you and know what God wants you to do!


I'm finally on the right track!

"I was trying so hard to achieve my goals and beating myself up every day. I feel like I'm finally on the right track!"

- SARAH BOGENSCHUTZ, Flower Mound, TX, Wife And Homeschool Mom of 2 -

Tools To Help You




Discover who you are, what you love, and why you were created.




Not someone else's goals, but yours: your purpose and your priorities.




Knowing Jesus & yourself allows you to be yourself and achieve His goals.




You and your family have unique passions, gifts, time, and talents.




Set routines you'll follow, knowing what you're supposed to do and why.

Wendy helped me get unstuck!

"I got so distracted & stuck wanting things perfect, I didn't even want to start! But, Wendy's like a personal mentor helping me."

- LAURIE MAYER, Winter Garden, FL, Mom of 2 -

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included With "Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You"?

The Prioritizing Digital Bundle comes as a digital PDF to download (and print if you desire--the link to download comes immediately upon purchase)! You can have it spiral-bound, or put it into a 3-ring binder or print only the pages you want. The Prioritizing Digital Bundle comes as an Editable/fillable PDF to answer the questions on your laptop or device, and go through the forms without printing a page if you prefer!

In "Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You," you'll receive tools to help you remember who God uniquely created you, to realize which goals light you up, and excite the passion inside you (because God made you that way). I guarantee these tools will cause you to worship and know Christ in a deeper way, which is the beginning of knowing God's goals for you.

Choose the goals that will have you excited to jump out of bed in the morning! God's goals for you!

Discover who God uniquely created you to be, using the form, "Who I Am," and "What I Do"!

How to work through the Bundle is included at the beginning of the Digital PDF, and a Table of Contents. Please remember that you will receive all materials digitally; no product will be mailed out to you.

What Will I Learn?

In "Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" you'll learn:

  • Who you are, how wonderfully created, and your giftedness!
  • What Jesus says about His character, how He wants to help you, and His relationship with you!
  • Which goals to set that you'll be passionate about, and how to fulfill His purpose for you!

How Does It Work?

You'll receive the link to download the bundle and open a digital PDF file, which you can then save to your computer. Begin with my suggestions for what order to do things, to get the most out of it. You can either work right on your computer, or print it out and use pen and paper, or both!

Within minutes, you can begin to identify the special characteristics of how uniquely God created you. You'll appreciate God's creativity, love, and purpose for you. You'll have the tools (and it'll be fun!) to see what goals God has for you! I recommend prayer, before, during, and after you go through the resources. I can't wait to hear what you find out!

How Soon After Purchasing Will I Receive My Product?

This is a digital product available immediately. There is nothing mailed out, no physical product, so you don't have to wait to receive something in the mail.

"Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" is a digital bundle of resources delivered digitally as a PDF, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

How Do I Know Whether The "Prioritizing Bundle" is Right For Me?

"Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" is for Christian moms who are tired of feeling "not enough," and are ready to stop comparing themselves, copying others, doing it all, and pleasing everyone. If you want to be the unique person God created you to be and have the peace and joy of knowing you're fulfilling your purpose, then this is for you!

If you're not interested in knowing who God uniquely created you to be, what goals will light you up and excite you, or getting closer to Jesus and knowing what He desires, then this may not be for you.

What If I Don't Have Time For One More Thing?

What if you're going fast in the wrong direction? Doesn't it make sense to stop and look at a roadmap? To find out what the right things are? Won't that save you time in the long run? How much energy are you expending, how exhausted are you, how frustrated have you become because you're all over the place, spinning your wheels, trying to do it all? Won't it feel good to know who you are, and do the things God created you to do? Invest in and make the changes that will make a difference in your whole life. Get "Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" to know the uniquely-created person you are, understand what goals to pursue, and move forward accomplishing them.

Is This a Physical Or Digital Product?*

"Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" is offered only as a digital product at this time. It is to discover Who Jesus is and determine who He created you to be, what His goals are for you, and have the clarity to prioritize them.

You can print the entire bundle and have it bound or put it into a 3-ring binder, or you can print just the pages and images you want if you want a physical copy. *Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format

What's The Investment?

We appreciate and use what we invest in. Your purpose, and achieving it, are eternally important. It is worth the world and you'll be glad you got it, to be on the right track with why God created you and know what goals are important for you.

"Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" is available to you for only $29! That's 69% off the price if you purchased each item separately. This is the lowest you'll ever see it offered and it's only for a limited time, so don't wait! God created you for a purpose! Find out how to achieve it!

What Is Your Return Policy?

Normally digital products are not refundable but I'm so sure that you'll know who God uniquely created you to be and what goals to pursue that you'll be passionate about achieving, that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days, and you'll receive an immediate, full refund of your money, no questions asked. Just contact me.

Wendy listens to my struggles and truly cares!

"Wendy listens to my struggles and what I want to accomplish--truly cares about me--and wants to help me succeed and reach my goals."

- JENNIFER HESS, Wife And Mom -

Prioritizing God's Unique Goals for You

Confidently establish the right routines and the right goals for YOU!

Get the "Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For You" Digital Bundle NOW!



You gave me an action plan!

"I had lots of good intentions but never quite hit the mark. You gave me an ACTION PLAN and showed me the way to move forward. Thank you!"

- SARAH BOGENSCHUTZ, Flower Mound, TX, Wife And Homeschool Mom of 2 -