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What You'll Learn In This

Exclusive Masterclass

Know Yourself and Who Your Ideal Client Is

Ask the right questions to know you're working with the right people! Stop feeling unfulfilled and frustrated! With my system you'll find out who to serve, how best, and what your secret sauce is to help them the most.

Create An Irresistibly Clickable Freebie

We'll show you how to create a freebie (lead magnet) that your ideal client can't resist--how to know what they want--and you'll have new subscribers streaming onto your list every single day!

Get Fast Results with My Avatar Attraction Method

You'll have the fastest method for attracting your ideal clients, shining before them, and starting them on the path to become raving fans and sales for life.


"I thought it was going to be so hard,

but Wendy made it easy!"

--Sara Moses, Santa Barbara, CA, Inspirational Speaker

& Mindset Coach, Certified Closer, Speaker Trainer, Pitch Pro--

"If you're somebody without a list, or even

somebody with a list, but you're thinking,

'What am I going to do with it?'

it's a FANTASTIC course to take!"

--Lucy Dutton, United Kingdom, entrepreneur, holistic coach, speaker--

"I had no idea how to build an email list until this course,

but you walked me through the steps,

and now I just want to do it like Wendy does it!"

--Paul Neustrom, #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Podcaster and Founder of NeuStream Media of Clearwater MN----

Wendy Gunn helps Christian moms raise Godly kids and achieve God's unique goals for their lives through courses and coaching.

Hello, I'm Wendy

I've been there...

I know how it feels to have no list and spend years trying to grow one.

Just a few years ago, I couldn't imagine how to grow my email list! Then I learned the system I used to grow my list in just a couple of years to well over 12K with an unbelievably high open rate of 37%! Automated subscribers transformed into sales made while you sleep!

You know you need an email list you own. Building organically takes too long. You're overwhelmed and exhausted trying to gain clients, wondering where the next sale & lead are coming from, worried that what you've built so far will come crashing down around you overnight because you know you don't own anything on Social Media or YouTube.

You can make money again, but you only get time once. Don't regret missing magical moments with your family and fun with friends, knowing you'll never get to make those memories again. And it's no life having to show up online every day, respond to DMs, and do sales calls all day long. You need automated systems set up, bringing you consistent and predictable leads, clients, income, and impact without the hustle and grind. I can help you grow your email list fast.

What if you could have new leads streaming

onto your email list every day--your ideal clients--

getting to know, like, and trust you,

and nurtured automatically,

with emails you write once from a proven

email template and now go out on autopilot?

"Thank you, Wendy! You were awesome.

It was so easy to follow your course!"

--Katie Leiler, Phoenix, AZ, digital creator and copywriter--

What if your leads were warmed up and ready to buy?

What if you knew no one could take them away from you?!

What would it feel like to have time to spend

with your friends and family, to do the things you love,

while your new leads come onto your list predictably,

like magic? What if you had a large list to bring in

sponsorships and partnerships and make high-ticket offers to?

Would you like to know the system to create a large email list fast?

Discover the exact system I used to grow my list

to over 12K subscribers in just over two years with an

unbelievably high open rate of 37%!

(The industry standard is 18-20%.)

Don't miss the chance to learn how

in the Email List On Demand Masterclass!

Disclaimer - This training will give you actionable steps to grow or start a thriving and engaged email list. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. 

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