Stop comparing, know your purpose, and have a plan to achieve the right goals--God's goals for you--in just 3 weeks!




Mastering Your Goals was so so so good!!!

"I was wowed by Mastering Your Goals! it was so so so good! I got so much from it! We've had similar struggles... only you've already overcome them! Thank you for sharing your victories and inspiring and equipping me!"

 – Sarah Bogenschutz, Flower Mound, TX, Wife and Homeschool Mom of 2 -


You know you should prioritize what's important, but what if everything seems important?

Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than trying to do all the things, and please everyone, only to end up overwhelmed and exhausted, not pleasing anyone and feeling like a failure. You want to prioritize the most important things and be consistent.

And yet, it's not quite working.

You feel like everything is important, calling out at you all day long and you keep thinking everyone else gets it, and you're the only one who's a mess. You feel like you must be missing something.

You're not alone. Most young Christian moms do.

The truth is that having the RIGHT GOALS (not comparing or copying anyone else's) is a game-changer, one that will give you joy, peace, confidence, and an exhilarating sense of fulfillment.

The problem? Comparison and perfectionism cause you to miss God's plan for you, and even if you succeed, you've succeeded at the wrong things!

But what if there was a way to make sure you prioritized and achieved the right goals for you?


I've been there, and I want to help you stop comparing, love who you are, and, in 3 weeks, have a plan to achieve God's goals for you.

I know what it's like. I was exhausted trying to do it all & please everyone. I compared myself and copied my friends. I tried to be someone I wasn't. I felt unfulfilled & frustrated and never as good as anyone else. I grew sick and tired of striving for perfection that was unreachable in an effort to achieve the goals that weren't even God's plan for me!

Then I learned to embrace how uniquely God had made me, follow His path for me, and set His goals. I began changing major things in my life that had held me back, as I stopped comparing myself and being a procrastinating perfectionist.

Since then I've lost over 90 lbs., Homeschooled my kids all the way through, become organized in my home & life, and found success as a writer, speaker, and blogger.

As I've mentored young Christian women--through blogging, writing, speaking, and relationships--I've seen their lives transformed. Now I've created a course to teach you, so you can have joy, confidence, and fulfillment prioritizing and accomplishing God's unique goals for you.

Wendy Gunn bio photo


Imagine knowing that you're accomplishing

what God put you on earth for!

Here's what that would look like...

  • Knowing exactly what to prioritize instead of struggling to know what's important because everything seems important!
  • Receiving praise, and feeling confident and successful from using your gifts and talents to do the things you were made for instead of comparing yourself to your friends, trying to be someone you're not, and feeling inferior and a failure.
  • Having the courage to say no to what's not your purpose, and the joy to say Yes to what is instead of trying to be everything to everyone and never pleasing anyone.
  • Boldly trying new things, not afraid of failure, going after big goals you know you can accomplish instead of being a procrastinating perfectionist, with nothing to show for it but good intentions and half-finished projects.
  • Growing as a Christian woman and having the mental energy and space and emotional energy to dream bigger dreams and accomplish bigger goals, instead of wasting your life away, even if you succeed, because you went after the wrong goals and now you've got nothing but regrets in the end.

I loved the encouragement!!!

"I love the encouragement so much and really enjoy her teaching in the videos. You just feel her kindness and gentleness pop off the screen."

 –Nynke Mills, Wife and Homeschool Mom of 3–


The course that'll give you direction on your unique goals from God and help you create an action plan in 3 weeks to accomplish them!

You can be consistent and prioritize your most important goals! Get Mastering  Your Goals!

"MASTERING YOUR GOALS" is a life-changing course, designed to help you identify, prioritize, and have a plan to accomplish your most important goals--God's unique goals for you--in just 3 weeks.

If you're a young Christian woman who's overwhelmed, exhausted, struggling with inconsistency, and not knowing what on earth are your purpose and priorities, I promise you won't want to miss this!

So many Aha moments and realizations about myself!

"My biggest aha moment was when you talked about perfectionism. You spoke so much truth and all of a sudden it seemed so obvious! What you shared was so good that I shared it with my husband and close friend and they both thought it was helpful, too! The funny thing was that none of us realized we were being perfectionists!"

 – Sarah Bogenschutz, Flower Mound, TX, Wife and Homeschool Mom of 2 -


An encouraging, nurturing coach who's been there to walk you step-by-step through discovering, prioritizing, and having a plan to accomplish what's important for YOU.

Start having clarity, be consistent and focused, stop comparing yourself to others, and start going forward and accomplishing the most important! I can help you be the woman you dream of: confidently living out who God made you to be, and consistently pursuing the right things and accomplishing the right goals by His grace!

Here's How We'll Get You There!

- ONE -


Unleash the Power of Routines in this course on Mastering Your Goals!

Unleash the Power of Routines: Discover Dynamic Freedom and Achieve Consistency by Establishing Systems and Routines in your day and week!

- TWO -


Names I Wear Proudly (wife, mom, daughter, child of God) in this course on Mastering Your Goals!

Names You Wear Proudly: Get Clear Focus about Your Roles and God's commands about them. Learn what God says to Wives, Moms, Daughters, and His Children.



I Am Uniquely Created by God I Learn in this course on Mastering Your Goals!

I am Uniquely Created by God: You were uniquely created by a God Who loves you deeply, knows you intimately, understands you, and has a purpose and a plan for your life!

- FOUR -


Quench Your Thirst for a Meaningful Life and Dare to Dream Again! in this course on Mastering Your Goals!

Quench Your Thirst for A Meaningful Life! Dare to Dream Again! It's not just about the minutes, seconds and today's to-do list--Get Clarity on the Life Goals you were Created to Achieve!

- FIVE -


U Can Succeed! Learn to Set S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals and Achieve Success! in this course on Mastering Your Goals!

U Can Succeed: Learn to Break Your Big Goals down into Manageable Bite-size Pieces that You Know U can achieve. Make Consistent Progress and stop letting perfectionism hold you back!

- SIX -


Execute Your Plan by Time Blocking in this course on Mastering Your Goals!

Execute Your Action Plan: Learn the skill of Time Blocking and make a schedule that plans for interruptions! Create an Action Plan for Mastering Your Goals.

Wow! You really helped me realize what's important!

"You helped me clear away the white noise of the unimportant, and drill down to what I really need to do and prioritize."

 – Tania Brown, Wife and Mom of 4 teenagers-


You can have major transformation in just 3 weeks from Mastering Your Goals!

Sarah Bogenschutz

"I was frustrated on a daily basis, burned out--I was trying so hard, but nothing was really changing. Then I signed up for Mastering Your Goals... if you're thinking of signing up, do it! I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me and my family!"

Read Beunette Lilje's testimonial of the transformation that Mastering Your Goals had in her life! Your Home For God

Beunette Lilje

"Through Mastering Your Goals, I managed to revise and revamp my personal goals to be more in line with what God wants for me as a wife, mother, and individual. It also helped me realize that God has a plan for my family. Wendy is extremely patient and encouraging and gently guides women into the purpose God created them for. I can't recommend her teachings enough."

What a joy to dig deep into finding out God's purpose for me!

"The resources you provided helped me find the unique purpose God has planned for me and grow so much deeper in my relationship with God."

 –Beunette Lilje, The Netherlands, Wife and Mom of 3–

Do You Know?

Consistency vs. Perfectionism--What's the Big Difference?

Wendy Gunn | Your Home For God

"When we strive for perfection, we just set up a bunch of to-do's and rules that we define as "perfection"--we're really establishing our own righteousness--and there's always one of two things that happens: either we get proud because we did those things, or we feel totally inferior because we couldn't! That's not pleasing to God. When you figure out what pleases God and consistently aim for progress in those things, there's joy and a great feeling of success!"

I'm so grateful I attended Mastering Your Goals!

"I'm so grateful I attended Mastering Your Goals because it reminded me of where my priorities should be!"

 –Beunette Lilje, The Netherlands, Wife and Mom of 3–


The course that'll help you set the unique goals God wants you to achieve and create an action plan in 3 weeks to accomplish them!

When you purchase Mastering Your Goals, you will have instant access to the tools you need to go from struggling with consistency to consistently achieving the right goals for you. My proven process provides a step-by-step plan in 6 lessons to identify, prioritize, and accomplish the RIGHT goals for YOU, so you'll never have to wonder what your next step should be.

You can be consistent and prioritize your most important goals!6-Lesson Video Course in Mastering  Your Goals!

6 Amazing Video Lessons Taught By Wendy

From wavering and waffling, confused and clutching at straws, you'll transform into confidently planning, achieving, and calmly clinching your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to-do's and goals. You'll know what's most important and know how to accomplish it! You'll stop saying yes to everything and everyone. Knowing who God made you, with your unique qualities, gifts, and talents will give you the confidence to say no to what isn't a priority or God's goal for your life.

Topics Covered: Establish Consistent Daily Routines, What You Already Know, Uniquely Created YOU!, Dare to Dream Again, S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals, and Time-Blocking to Plan for Interruptions!

Bonus #1--How to Build a Loving Marriage That Lasts Video Workshop

BONUS #1: FREE! Prioritizing Your Marriage--My Video Marriage Workshop

Though Mastering Your Goals isn't designed to be a marriage course, I want to give you the help you need to prioritize your most important relationships on earth--your marriage and your parenting! Your marriage relationship is second only to your relationship with God in importance! So, here is incredible Bonus #1, my Marriage Workshop entitled, "How To Build a Loving Marriage That Lasts," from a wife who has learned so much over 44 years of marriage to one man! We were told a week before our wedding day, "You can still change your minds," because our pastor didn't expect us to make it. By God's grace, we have now been married 44 years and we've learned a lot along the way! Here's practical and implementable help for you from someone who's been there!

Bonus #2--Your Kids For God is a 7-Video Christian Parenting Workshop that will help you achieve consistent Christian Parenting!

BONUS #2: FREE! Christian Parenting 10-Video Course, "Your Kids For God!"

The next most important priority after your relationship with God and your spouse is your relationship with your children! Do you feel like you don't know how to be a good, consistent, Godly parent?

Bonus #2 is my help for you! My Christian Parenting Course, "Your Kids For God," is a 10-video mini-course packed with practical help for you from an imperfect mom who has raised her imperfect children to adulthood, Homeschooled them all the way through, and now, by God's grace, has adult children who love the LORD and are walking with Him. I've been there and I can help you identify what's important, and with God's help, how to be the consistent parent you dream of being, to raise Godly adult children you have wonderful relationships with.

Bonus #3--How to Organize Your Kitchen to Save You Time, a 19-Page Guide!

BONUS #3: FREE! "How to Organize Your Kitchen to Save You Time"--A 19-page Guide to help you with your most difficult area and daily priority--your kitchen organization and meals!

I'll show you how to get supper on the table faster, get it cleaned up in a snap, and how to get your kids to help, too, with tips on specific jobs they can do at different ages! Get this FREE Bonus #3! Practical tips and specific help so you can achieve consistency in your most problematic daily priority--meals!

Your Guarantee: 100% Quality Guaranteed or your money back


You will not find digital products with a refund usually, but I'm so sure that you'll find this course life-changing, that if you are not satisfied that it's delivered on what was promised after you've watched all the lessons and done the assignments, I'll give you your money back (a 100% money-back guarantee) within 30 days.

Wendy truly cares about my goals!

"Wendy listens to my struggles and what I want to accomplish--she communicates that she truly cares about me--and her instruction helps me succeed and reach my goals. I look forward to working with Wendy and accomplishing my 'hard things' with her."

 –Jennifer Hess, Wife and Mom–

Don't miss this special opportunity to get Mastering Your Goals!

$227 $127

You're exhausted trying to do all the things, please everyone, and you're still not sure you're even doing the right things. I can help you! I will walk you through each step and show you how to have joy in knowing who you are and what your purpose is, knowing what you're supposed to do, and how to prioritize and have a plan to accomplish it--setting and achieving the right goals--God's goals--for you! I'll provide everything you need plus amazing bonuses in this 6-Lesson Video Course to Identify, Prioritize, and Create a Plan to Master God's Unique Goals for You!

  • 6 Amazing Video Lessons taught by me (Wendy) to understand exactly what to do so you can achieve the greatest transformation.
  • Practical Assignments to help you succeed in implementing and applying what you're learning.
  • Q and A sessions following every lesson that I've just got to say are GOLD! (You don't want to miss them--your questions answered and testimonies from my life to help you in yours!)
  • A Fabulous Workbook with all your materials in it and space to take notes--everything you'll need to work through the course--and keep your notes together.
  • My Recommended Resources so you can go deeper and further, that were carefully and prayerfully chosen to go with each lesson to help you if you want even more on the topic covered and so you can develop a stronger, closer, more obedient walk with God.
  • Support from an encouraging and experienced coach who's been where you are and knows how to help you!
  • Lifetime access to video replays.

Get a Biblical perspective on the most important priorities, like parenting!

"Wendy has been instrumental in my parenting journey. I've been encouraged by her passion to know and apply Scripture in her life. She brings so much clarity and hope to the topic of Homeschooling and raising Godly kids!"

 –Krista Bailey, Wife and Homeschool Mom of 4–


Will "Mastering Your Goals" really help me?


This course will be delivered via Six Video Training Sessions, or Lessons, taught by me, Wendy Gunn. Six Video Lessons (I recommend watching 2 a week) over 3 weeks, with each lesson followed by a Q and A session to answer all your questions. All lessons and Q and A's are recorded and you will have lifetime access to these recordings.

You'll also receive a workbook with each lesson, and I'll give you practical assignments to work through to help you implement everything you've learned. Additionally, I include amazing Recommended Resources so you can go even deeper. You will also receive FREE Bonus Material! Bonus #1 is "How to Build a Loving Marriage That Lasts"--a Marriage Workshop Video from the lessons learned over 43 years of marriage--and, Bonus #2 is"Your Kids For God"--a 10-video Parenting Workshop--plus a 19-page Guide, called, "How to Organize Your Kitchen to Save You Time"! ALL FREE!

Please note that you will receive all materials digitally; there are no products mailed out to you.


In Mastering Your Goals you'll learn:

  • You'll learn to identify the most important goals for you from God's perspective.
  • You'll discover how much you already know about God's goals for you--He has not left you alone or clueless!
  • You'll learn how very special you are to God, and how uniquely He created you--for a purpose!
  • You’ll dare to dream BIG DREAMS with God & learn to set and achieve amazing, impossible-without-Him goals.
  • You’ll become excited about your future and what God’s going to do in and through you.
  • You’ll learn about SMART goals and how to set them for prioritizing success.
  • You’ll learn how to time block for consistency and make a schedule that plans for interruptions.
  • And you’ll KNOW what to do, how to be consistent, what to prioritize, and how to accomplish God's goals for you.


Many people worry about having enough time to attend the sessions and do the homework involved, but let me ask you, "How much time are you wasting daily by starting, stopping, trying, and trying again, without clarity that you're going in the right direction or doing the right things?

How much energy are you expending, because you don't have a plan, and you're trying to copy someone else and feeling "less than." How exhausted are you going in the wrong direction, or wondering if you are?

How much time and energy could you save by prioritizing with clarity, having a plan, knowing who you are and what you're good at, and doing those things that God created you to do, instead of feeling all over the place and spinning your wheels?

Get "Mastering Your Goals" to begin Prioritizing the Right Things--Your God-Given Goals--with a plan!


No. Nothing will be mailed to you. At this time "Mastering Your Goals" is only available in digital format. You will have access to the recorded video lessons and the ability to download all the materials in PDF format. You have the option to fill them out on your computer or print them out if you prefer pen and paper.


You will be given access to "Mastering Your Goals" immediately upon payment--it should arrive within minutes of your purchase. You will be given access to Lesson 1 immediately, along with all Bonus materials, and as you complete each lesson, access to the next lesson will be given to you. All the materials for the lesson you're watching will be given to you with the lesson: your workbook for that lesson, Assignment, and Recommended Resources. You'll get information via the email address you provide at checkout with all the details about the course upon purchase.


"Mastering Your Goals" is for Christian women who are struggling with prioritizing and being consistent, are comparing, stuck in perfectionism, and feeling like they're failing, but who are ready for a change! If you're exhausted trying to do all the things and want to know what God's unique goals are for you, want to stop the comparison trap, and want the peace and joy of knowing you're doing what God has uniquely created for you to do then this is for you! If you're ready for the transformation God wants to make in you, if you're ready to go step-by-step with me through a system to know who you are in Christ, what God would have you do, and have a plan to implement achieving your goals, then this is for you!

If you're not interested in identifying and prioritizing what's most important in your life and accomplishing God's goals for you, you are satisfied to keep on struggling with prioritizing forever and don't care if you achieve what God created you for, then this may not be for you.


You will receive detailed instructions via the email address you provide at checkout. There will be a link given to you with access instructions for the Video lessons and materials. You will not be on camera or heard on audio. It will feel like a personal class with me by video.

Following each video training, I answer questions in the Q and A session, and this is a time that's invaluable. All you will have to do is listen, again you will not be on camera or audio. I will answer questions previously submitted that are sure to hit on exactly what you want to know.

You'll receive information on how to access your printable materials that will be sent to the email you provide as well. All materials and videos will be available to you in a course portal, for permanent access.

Everything will be announced ahead of time, and follow-up emails will be sent out with information.

If you have any questions, there will be information on how to contact me, and you are welcome to do so at any time with your comments and questions.


Right now, "Mastering Your Goals" is offered only as a digital product. It is a complete 3-Week Course offered through video Zoom Group instruction and digital materials for you to learn skills for consistency and prioritizing, to know and succeed at achieving God's goals for you, and to walk you step-by-step through a process to create a plan to achieve those goals.

Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format. 


What would it be worth to you to finally end your struggle with consistency and prioritizing and know exactly what to do? If you could have personal coaching to walk you through creating a plan to identify, prioritize, and accomplish your goals, and know you'd be successful, how would that change your life?

What would it mean to know you were going in the right direction, and know you could consistently prioritize and achieve the most important things?

"Mastering Your Goals" is available to you for $127 for a very limited time! If you pass up this offer and decide later that you missed out, and want to purchase it, I can't promise that you will not have to pay a higher price! Every minute you wait is another minute wasted spinning your wheels and not knowing whether you're going in the wrong direction.

In this complete course, you will get 6 Video Lessons, a Q and A session following each lesson, a Workbook of materials, with Assignments and Recommended Resources, replays of all the videos, and 3 Valuable Bonuses to strengthen your relationships with your spouse and children, AND become organized in your kitchen and meal-planning!

All that's included in "Mastering Your Goals," if purchased separately, would cost you 3x this price, but this offer is available to you now for just $127--but don't wait--I can't promise you it will be available for this price later!


We have a very generous refund policy. While most digital courses are non-refundable, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee for Mastering Your Goals, if you feel that we did not deliver on what was promised, and you provide evidence that you have watched all 6 lessons and done the work assigned.



Now I know I can succeed!!!

"Your teaching, transparency, and example give me hope that I can succeed, too!"

 –Ramona Vincent, Wife and Mom–