Hi! I’m Wendy!

I’m here to help you consistently prioritize God’s UNIQUE Goals for your life!

I know what it’s like. I tried to do it all, please everyone, but never felt “enough.” I know how exhausting comparing yourself, not measuring up to what you think others are doing, and striving for perfection are. Struggling with inconsistency, lack of focus, feeling distracted, and exhausted–that was me until I embraced how God uniquely created me and learned to prioritize His goals for me! He taught me to consistently prioritize what’s important for me to do so I can accomplish His unique goals for my life.

Since then, I’ve lost 90+ lbs., Homeschooled our kids all the way through, got organized in my home and life, and found success as a writer, speaker, and blogger. I’ve mentored young Christian women and have seen God change others through what He’s taught me.

Now I want to help you stop comparing, to love who God uniquely created you to be, stop struggling with inconsistency and learn to prioritize and accomplish God’s unique goals for you! You can do it! Subscribe today!

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