Welcome! I’m Wendy Gunn…let me introduce myself and share what God has allowed me to be and do, if we haven’t met! So glad you’re here!

I’ll walk you through the Simple 3-step System I used to grow my list to over 12K in just a couple of years with an incredible open rate of 37%! (industry standard is 18%-20%)

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Learn how I grew my Email List to over 12K in just a couple of years with an incredible open rate of 37%! You’ll have my Simple 3-step System to Identify Your Avatar, Create an Irresistibly Clickable Freebie, and use my Avatar Attraction Method to Transform Subscribers into Sales Fast While You Sleep! Sign up for my Email List On Demand MASTERCLASS!

Knowledge is not enough! The key is to take consistent action in the direction of your destination! Have you started but not finished way too many projects? Tried over and over again to lose weight without success? Dreamed of starting your online business for years and still keep putting it off?

Are you ready to stop your procrastinating perfectionism and start on a journey of massive goal achievement?

I am an Empowerment Coach. I have learned the tricks, tips, and systems for achieving BIG GOALS! And, by the grace of God, I have lost almost 100 lbs over the years (50 lbs after the age of 60!), become organized from terribly disorganized, raised kids to become Godly adults who we have great relationships with, Homeschooled those kids from start to finish, taken a dream trip to Italy with my husband and our grown kids using the miles I saved, started an online business (also after the age of 60), and grew my email list to 12K with a 37% open rate! What are your dreams and goals?

It’s time for you to get Empowered To Achieve (ETA), and I can help you! Imagine your life with an ETA to success in your dreams and goals!!! You can’t get there by yourself or you would have arrived at your destination by now. Book a Connection Call with me today and let’s set an ETA for your journey to success with Empowerment Coaching!

Hi, I’m Wendy! I’ve achieved big goals and dreams. I’ll help you get unstuck and fulfill your purpose (even if you’re older) to make a difference in the world!

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