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My ebook, “A 2020 Vision for Raising Godly Kids,” addresses the issues in your home and family that hinder you from growing closer to the Lord and one another!

Using an analogy between our appetite for food and our appetite for God’s Word:

  • You’ll see how to develop and grow your family’s spiritual appetite and love for God.
  • You’ll learn how to have unity and closeness as a family and
  • You’ll get tips on how to promote thankfulness in your home.

With easy to understand and apply insights, tips, and steps, you can see change and growth from Day 1.

  • How to eliminate distractions that rob your time with God.
  • How to get control of your time for what matters most.
  • How to be more productive.
  • How to conquer the overwhelm.
  • I provide the tools you need to have the relationship with God you’re dreaming of,
  • and Godly character in your children and yourself.


There are ideas included for how to use this tool in your family with each stage and age of your children, so you can use it for years! A month’s worth of quotes and journaling prompts guarantees you’ll have enough to produce a harvest of gratitude! Frame the beautiful quotes by giants of the faith, such as Charles Spurgeon, Elisabeth Elliot, and others. Create a haven of thankfulness on the walls of your rooms and in your home decor. 

Closeness and Gratitude as A Family

What Is It Worth To You?

Wendy Gunn

Determined to Have a Thankful Family

We raised and Homeschooled our children all the way. I fought the same battles with bad attitudes, complaining, ingratitude, and forces pulling us apart, as anyone! I was determined to have a close family, and a thankful one! God taught us many lessons as we experienced rebellion in our children, my ovarian cancer, and other hard things. His tools to teach us are often trials, mistakes to humble us, tears, and failure! We learned so much! By His grace we are a close family with two grown children–a son and a daughter, and a new son-in-law! God has been so good to us. I’m grateful for the family He’s given! Let me share with you what He taught. I hope it will help you!

Christian Blogger, Wendy Gunn,

Would You Like To Have A Transformed Family?

  • Are you tired of being alone together as a family?
  • Are you all glued to screens, from oldest to youngest, every minute of the day?
  • Are you handing your phone to your baby to keep him busy, but you’ve heard it’s unsafe?
  • Do you worry about what your children are viewing?
  • Do you worry that your kids are going to be addicted to screens or gaming, or already are?
  • Is the attitude of ingratitude in your family making you want to scream and tear your hair out?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to control your time and get into God’s Word daily and pray?
  • Do you long for a family that spends time together and is cheerful and happy?
  • Do you wonder what a meal around the table free from devices and screens looks like?
  • Do you wish for your husband to lead spiritual things and want your kids to learn about God?
  • Do you long for a closer walk with God and don’t know even where to begin?

Let me tell you, I’ve been there!!! 

But, What If It Could Be Different…?

“A harvest of Gratitude begins with a seed sown in the heart.” Wendy Gunn

See This Transformation In Your Home

  • Develop and grow your family’s spiritual appetite and love for God
  • Have thankfulness in your home
  • Have unity and closeness as a family
  • See change and growth from Day 1.
  • Eliminate distractions that rob your time with God
  • Get control of your time for what matters most
  • Be more productive
  • Conquer the overwhelm.
  • Have the relationship with God you’re dreaming of
  • Increase Godly character in your children and yourself

Solution! Here you go!

A 2020 Vision for Raising Godly Kids


Since this is a Digital download, you don’t have to wait for anything to be mailed! You’ll have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these TOOLS and be able to BEGIN transforming your home and family right away!

But, You Have to Act Now!

Before, there was so much strife, friction, backtalk and arguing in our home. There were attitudes of rebelliousness and ingratitude in our children.

Through the things we learned, and I share with you, our home was changed. We spent a lot of happy times together–sometimes playing, sometimes working. Laughter was heard, we got so much done, there was much more cooperation, and I even experienced hearing extended family praise my children’s character.

We weren’t perfect, and never will be, so there were still occasional times we fell back into our old ways, but, what love, peace, and joy we had in our family, and thankfulness!

Our Family’s Transformation

  • Our home was changed
  • We had happy times together
  • We played together
  • We worked and served together
  • There was laughter
  • There was cooperation
  • We got so much done
  • I heard praise of my children’s character
  • I saw thankfulness

Last Chance!

Imagine what it will be like when your children are happy, helpful and not saying, “Why do I have to?” Imagine strangers coming up to you to tell you what well-behaved, charming children you have, and smiling at your family when you’re in public!

Picture your family times together, reading books aloud, playing, having fun, helping others, and the joy of being a family that is close knit and growing in the Lord! You can have this dream come true!

Act NOW and have the transformed family and atmosphere you dream of in your home! This won’t be offered again.

Your Home For God, Wendy Gunn

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Your Home For God, Wendy Gunn