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Your Home For God LLC | Wendy Gunn helps Christian moms raise Godly families, achieve God's unique goals for them, and fulfill their purpose.

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You Can have Clarity and Consistency Prioritizing God's Unique Goals For YOU! | Your Home For God

3) Have you dreamed of what your kids would be like as adults and prayed about the Godly men and women they could become? You know that sinking feeling when they don’t look like they’re even going to be able to function in polite society? Yeah, I’ve been there. As the parent of grown children who make me proud and who are wonderful strong Christians, let me share that there is hope, my friend! I share my most important secrets for Christian parents of kids 8 and under, in my Workshop, Crafting Godly Character in Kids! What you invest in your kids’ spiritual lives you’ll never regret, and it brings a return for eternity!

Hi! I’m Wendy Gunn!

I’m here to help you successfully build a Godly family, get organized, and fulfill God’s unique purpose for your life.

 I know what it’s like. Disorganized, not clear on my direction or purpose, copying and comparing. I found out God uniquely created me and learned to prioritize His goals and how to achieve them! I learned to be consistent and clear on what’s important to do and now can help you achieve God’s unique goals for you. 

Since then, I’ve lost 50 lbs. (twice), finished Homeschooling our kids all the way through, got organized in my home and life, and gained a significant following as an online businesswoman, blogger, writer, & speaker. I began mentoring young moms and would love to see your life transformed through my one-on-one coaching and small Group Workshops. I saw God change others through what He’d taught me. You can accomplish God’s goals for you, too! I can help you.  Subscribe today!

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What Others Are Saying

Sarah Bogenschutz testimonial Your Home For God

“I had all these ideas swirling around in my head and lots of good intentions but never quite hit the mark. You gave me an action plan and ways to move forward. Thank you!

My biggest aha moment was when you talked about perfectionism. You just spoke so much truth and it all seemed so obvious… I don’t know why I hadn’t heard it before! You have given me clarity on issues I’ve been dealing with for years.

Sarah Bogenschutz – Wife and Homeschool Mom of 2

Nynke Mills and husband | Your Home For God

“We Homeschool. We have been amply blessed with ADHD and autism and it’s very encouraging to hear you say God uniquely created us. 


I love your encouragement so much and really enjoy your video training. Your kindness and gentleness pop off the screen.”

Nynke Mills – Wife and Homeschool Mom of 3

Krista Bailey was helped to reach her goals! | Wendy Gunn at Your Home For God

“Wendy has been instrumental in my parenting journey. I’ve been encouraged by Wendy’s passion to know and apply Scripture in her life. She brings so much clarity and hope to the topics of Homeschooling, raising Godly kids, and Christian living!


I’m truly blessed by her heart to urge women to pour into God’s Word, respect their husbands, and raise children to know and love Jesus.”

Krista Bailey – Wife and Homeschool Mom of 4

Do you want consistency, clarity, and to prioritize God’s unique goals for your life?

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Your Home For God LLC | Wendy Gunn helps Christian moms raise Godly families, achieve God's unique goals for them, and fulfill their purpose.

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