Please fill out the questionnaire! There are no wrong answers:) This will help me to know how best to serve you!

What Are You Most Interested In?

1.  I am Most Interested in the Topic of Parenting

  • a) I have Babies, Toddlers or Preschoolers and need encouragement and help
  • b) I have Tweens (8-12 or so) and want to know how to deal with issues related to them
  • c) I have Teens and/or older children and want help for this new stage of parenting

2.  I am Most Interested in anything related to Christian Living

3.  I am a Homeschooler and Interested in Help Related to That

  • a) How to Start Homeschooling
  • b) Encouragement for the heart of the Homeschool Mom
  • c) Resources, Books, and Conferences that You Would Recommend
  • d) All of the Above

Reveal the Answers

1.  a, b, c, all are wonderful! We have something here for you!

2.  There is so much related to Christian living here for you! I hope you dig in and are blessed!

3.  As a veteran Homeschooler, I have Homeschooled all ages, and as a mom of grown children, I can help with that, too:) Let me know any specific questions you have!

I help overwhelmed moms grow spiritually with joy in who God uniquely created them and their family to be, raise Godly children, without comparing, copying, or coveting, and get their lives in order for the glory of God, through mentorship, Ebooks, courses, and coaching.

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