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  • Why your heart longs for these things in the first place, from a Biblical perspective
  • How to grow Godly character in your children and yourself
  • How to manage your time so you can have a Quiet Time again
  • How to get control of your devices and spend your time on what’s important
  • How to be more productive and order your day
  • How to conquer the overwhelm and have peace
  • Tools to have the relationship with God you’re dreaming of
  • Want to grow Your Family’s Spiritual Appetite and Love for God?
  • Desperate to stop sibling rivalry and spend quality time together as a family?
  • Are Devices controlling you instead of you controlling your devices?

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Determined We Weren’t Going To Be That Family

My testimony:  There was so much strife, friction, backtalk and arguing in our home. There were attitudes of rebelliousness and ingratitude in our children.

Through the things we learned, and I share with you, our home was changed


Now, our family had happy times together–playing, working, living life. We laughed, we got so much done, there was much more cooperation, and I even heard extended family–former critics–praise my children’s character.

We weren’t perfect, and we never will be, so there were still occasional times we fell back into our old ways, but, what love, peace, and joy we had in our family, and thankfulness!

Your Home For God, are-you-ready-for-a-change

  • Are you tired of being alone even while together because of social media?
  • Is your family glued to screens, from oldest to youngest, every minute of the day?
  • Are you handing your phone to your baby or toddler to keep him busy, but wondering if it’s safe?
  • Do you wish your children were spending their time on something better than screens?
  • Are you over-controlling out of fear that your kids are going to be addicted to screens or gaming, or something worse–or maybe already are?
  • Is the bickering, complaining, and fighting in your family making you want to scream and tear your hair out?
  • Do you wonder where your time goes and feel guilty that you don’t have a Quiet Time?
  • Do you long for a family that spends time together?
  • Do you wonder what a meal free from devices and screens looks like?
  • Do you wish your husband would be the spiritual leader of your family?
  • Do you long for a closer relationship with God but don’t know where to begin?

What if It Could Be Different . . . ?

Think of it–Your Home Could Be Transformed!

Your Home For God, homeschool-summits-family-relationships-summit-affiliate

  • Understand why you have this longing and desire in the first place 
  • Know the Biblical basis for the roles of the family
  • Develop and grow your family’s spiritual appetite and love for God
  • Have more thankful children
  • Have a close family and get rid of sibling rivalry
  • See change and growth from Day 1
  • Eliminate social media addiction and other distractions that rob your time with God
  • Get control of your devices
  • Train your children to help around the house without complaining
  • Have the relationship with God you dream of
  • Learn how to be productive and disciplined
  • Increase Godly character in your children and yourself

“There is Nothing too hard for God.”  Wendy Gunn

Ready for a Change? Let’s go!

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We raised and Homeschooled our children all the way. I fought battles with bad attitudes, complaining, ingratitude, and forces pulling us apart! But, I was determined to have a close, Godly family, and a thankful one! By going to the Lord and then applying the lessons I learned, God allowed us to become a very close family, with two now-grown children who love the Lord and are walking with Him. In this Ebook, “A 2020 Vision For Raising Godly Kids,” I’ll share the tips that will help you to have a family that loves the Lord and to raise your children to become Godly adults who are mature, responsible, appreciative, and serving the Lord. Get your copy now!

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