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I help overwhelmed Homeschool Moms raise Godly children.  As a veteran Homeschooler, with grown children, Homeschooling Kindergarten on up through the grades all the way through, I get it. It is so hard at times. I’ve experienced the tears and feelings of “I can’t do this!” Dealing with behavior and attitudes day in and day out, praying by the side of my bed, begging God for wisdom, crying out to God for my children to love Him and serve Him, and have attitudes of respect and obedience, for God to show me how to teach them, and for energy to keep going–I’ve been there! 

Raising Godly Kids Course | Your Home For God
Raising Godly Kids–the Course–Get it for clarity, consistency, calm over chaos, and Godly character in your kids

I also know how wonderful, and how worth it, it is! I know the joy of having a relationship with your children as adults, seeing them walk with Christ and love Him, seeing them as your friends and rejoicing in who they’ve become: their compassion, character, service to God, and maturity, and being so proud of who they are as adults! Finishing (well) feels so good, and recognizing it’s all by God’s grace! (And knowing that my race isn’t over until I meet Him face to face, and still needing to rely on Him every single moment of every day!) Standing at the finish line (of Homeschooling, anyway–and raising my children to adulthood), I like to think of myself as a cheerleader, and I’m cheering you on! 

My Homeschooling Series–Info and Encouragement From A Veteran Homeschool Mom!

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Academics is Only Part of Homeschooling | Your Home For God
Academics is Only Part of Homeschooling!

You can do it, by God’s grace! But, you need help! God’s help, for sure, but also other Homeschool moms who’ve been there. I’m here for you, and today I’m sharing about resources and other posts I’ve written that will be a huge help to you. I know what you’re going through. I Homeschooled through hard times, and even cancer. 

But, also, dealing with preschoolers, working from home, juggling all the responsibilities, dealing with bad attitudes, (theirs and mine:) and figuring out how to get it all done. I know you struggle with consistency, and knowing what tasks to even prioritize! I know! I’ve been there, and God has taught me many things, so I hope I can help you, too. Encouraging moms is my passion. Yes, Homeschooling is hard, but so worth it! I’m here for you, and, God is with you. You are not alone. Ever.

Helpful Homeschool Resources For You!

How To Homeschool in the Midst of the Hard Things was a blog series I participated in with great resources for homeschool parents. Veteran Homeschool Moms shared on a range of topics from How to Homeschool when you’re so busy to How to Homeschool Through your Child’s Diagnosis, and everything in between! My post was, “How to Homeschool Through Cancer.”

“How to Homeschool In the Midst of the Hard Things” will encourage, instruct and let you know you are not alone! And, that by God’s grace, you’ll get through.

How to Homeschool Without Comparing, Copying, or Coveting | Your Home For God
How to Homeschool Without Comparing, Copying, or Coveting | Help for the Homeschool Mom Series

If you struggle with comparing as a Homeschooler, also read my post, How to Homeschool without Comparing, Copying, or Coveting, in the series, Help for the Homeschool Mom!

Homeschooling | Your Home For God | Wendy Gunn
Homeschooling | Your Home For God | Wendy Gunn

Homeschool Moms Want You To Know

Your Home For God, Homeschool-hard-worth-it
Homeschool Moms Want You To Know: Everything You Want to Know From Veteran Homeschool Moms!

Though I’m not in this particular book, this is for  you, if you are wondering about Homeschooling, are new to Homeschooling, or just need encouragement as a Homeschooler:  Homeschool Moms Want You To Know, by Jennifer Elia, #HSMomsKnow

225 pages of information and inspiration written by real Homeschool moms for moms just like you! Here is one of the quotes I like, from the author, Jennifer Elia, “One of the beauties of Homeschooling, is the ability to customize and explore subjects not normally taught in traditional school.” So true!

Oh, Homeschool Mom! Isn’t it one of your dreams and goals to have adult children who love the LORD and you can be friends with? Homeschooling is not just about where your kids go to school. That is the best thing I can say, because it is about so much more! You can know where you’re headed and know how to get there. Get my course, Raising Godly Kids–it will help you have the clarity you need to pursue God’s goals for you and not compare to others.

Homeschooling is Hard But So Worth It | Your Home For God | Wendy Gunn

A Word of Encouragement

Homeschooling is hard, but I love the quote, “Everything is hard, before it becomes easy.” There is no perfect way to Homeschool. God is writing your story one day at a time, and it is unique, a message He wants you to share with the world, of His glory and grace, His story through every day of your life. You just need to continue, and depend on Him. He will not fail you, He promises. If you continue, you will finish, and be so glad you stuck with it. Let’s Homeschool well, for God’s glory. Use these resources to help you! Homeschooling is hard, but it is so worth it!

Have a Great Day Making Your Home For God!

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