A Happy Baby In Your Home

Do you have a happy baby? A happy home? There’s a simple tool—your smile–that we all have that can almost immediately change the atmosphere of our homes. It can make everyone relax and even babies become more happy. When a mom uses this tool, it can change the atmosphere of her home almost overnight!

I met two young couples last week and thoroughly enjoyed talking to them about various aspects of life with babies and toddlers, and sharing my tips with them. It occurred to me that I haven’t shared any of these things with you! This series on “How to Have a Happy Baby,” is the result!

Do You Have A Happy Baby?

Do You Have A Happy Baby?

Some of the tips I share, you may not agree with, and that’s ok. If any of these tips and observations work for you, as they have for me, praise the Lord, right?!

I Love (Happy) Babies

I love babies. Especially happy babies! I love to get my baby-fix whenever I can. After raising our own children and Homeschooling them all the way through, I decided to become a nanny. I cared for babies, mostly, part-time, for years. 

We are blessed to attend a family-integrated church with many large, Homeschooling families. There are plenty of babies and children for me to interact with and moms to talk to about child-training!

Make Your Home Warm and Loving for a Happy Baby

Make Your Home Warm and Loving for a Happy Baby

Make Your Home Warm and Loving for a Happy Baby

One thing I have learned with babies–well, maybe, people, in general–is that they respond to a smile. Doesn’t everyone? I am as warm and loving to the baby or child I’m caring for, as I can be, 99% of the time.

 In your home, make the environment surrounding the child so loving, so warm, and the smile on your face so constant, that when it is gone, the child will want to know what they have done to remove it and do whatever is necessary to bring it back as quickly as possible!

A Smile Makes a Happy Baby

For a happy baby, your way of acting and speaking can affect your baby and make him relax. Speak kind and affirming words, observe and speak to your child about what is going on around them, with a pleasant tone and smile. Be calm. 

A Smile Makes a Happy Baby

A Smile Makes a Happy Baby

Take the extra minute while your baby is on the changing table, after changing or dressing them, to lean in and engage/interact with your child! Say their name lovingly. Talk of how wonderfully God made them. Describe and name their body parts. Recite Scripture from Psalm 139 and play little games with their fingers and toes.

Sing to your child. Smile, while singing. Look them in the eye. Smiling.

Your Smile and Demeanor Can Make Your Baby Happy

Why do I say, “Smile,” over and over! Well, if you are anything like me,  a smile isn’t that natural an expression at home. I confess that I would sometimes pass a mirror, when my kids were growing up, and be aghast at the facial expression that met me. Almost immediately, I would smile at myself. I felt bad that my family had to look at that expression! When I go out, for instance, to church, a big smile is always on my face!

Do You Have A Happy Baby?

Do You Have A Happy Baby?

Be Intentional to Have a Happy Baby and Home

Smiling and having a pleasant attitude and demeanor is a developed habit! We all could use more practice on developing this habit! Develop it and teach it to your children, by word and example.

With your small baby, you have the opportunity to build up layer upon layer of good feelings between you, and happy moments. Smiles and warm, loving times together! You are training a happy baby! 

Have a Great Week Making Your Home For God!

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