Practical Tips for Building Respect in Children for Daddy

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Hi! If you’re new here, let me introduce myself! I’m Wendy Gunn. I’m a Christian wife and mom, a homeschooler, with grown children who we home-schooled all the way through.

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Obedience in Children: 5 Part Series

If you are struggling with raising Godly children, click here to start reading the 5 part series on obedience in children.

Here is a 2-Minute Tip on How to Encourage Respect for Daddy in Your Children.


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Why Should Children Obey Their Parents?

Training your children to respect Daddy by elevating him when he returns home is preparing them to do the same for their Heavenly Father!

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Trust in the Lord with all thine heart cross home decor (click on the image to buy)

Want to promote respect and an attitude of gratitude in your home and family? Surround your family with home decor that reminds them of God’s Word and the attitudes you want to cultivate! Place Stones of Remembrance, as the Bible calls them, to cause your children to ask, what is that about, and gives you a chance to proclaim What God has done for you! Watch my video 2-minute Tip about how we do this in our home!

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