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I’ve updated this post, so read on! Are you feeling stuck at home? Have you started Homeschooling or are a Homeschooler? Want some fun, but still educational, activities to fill out your Homeschooling, that the whole family can enjoy? Just want to get out and see another part of the world and not your own four walls?

I have felt this way, so I put together this list for you of 10 Virtual Field Trips I recommend that your whole family will love! Let me know in the comments if you like them and would like to see more of them!

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We have really enjoyed these mini virtual excursions! Our family also loves history and learning about people from other times and how they lived, so one of our family things to do when traveling is to go to historic homes. I am putting together another post with virtual field trips to historic homes and places!

We live in Minnesota, near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I thought I would add to this post some of our favorite historic homes to visit, and other favorite things to do when you come to our part of the world! Which, I hope you will!

The following is definitely short, but my best list! Some of our all-time favorites! One summer when our children were about 14 and 10, we vacationed in our own state, going to historic sites. The children wrote reports on their visit, including pictures, and these are treasured keepsakes, favorite memories. And, need I say, this was SCHOOL!

I recommend a Minnesota (or your state) Historical Society Membership!



10 Virtual Field Trips For When You Are Stuck At Home
10 Virtual Field Trips For When You Are Stuck At Home (or Not)

Our family has enjoyed trips to the Edison Ford Winter Estate in Fort Myers several times when visiting relatives in Florida (we’re from Minnesota:). I love the Edison Ford Estate! Besides being incredibly educational for a Homeschool family, or any family, it is beautiful and peaceful, and the people who run it are fabulous. They also have a reciprocal garden deal that you can purchase, which gives you entrance to other gardens around the country!

So, the first virtual field trip I chose for you when you’re stuck at home is to the Edison Ford Estate! I think you will enjoy your virtual field trip there!

1) Virtual Field Trip To Edison Ford Estate


2) Virtual Field Trip: How to Build Your Own Zip Line Video (Class at Edison Ford Estate)

If you’ve ever wanted to build a zip line, one of the cool things that Edison Ford Estate does (if you live in the area, you should check these out), is that they also offer classes, and here is a fun video class on how to build a zip line!


3) Virtual Field Trip to Medora and Teddy Talks: This talk was so good from a Homeschooler’s point of view!

President Theodore Roosevelt spoke about character! This is a talk to listen to if you care about raising Godly kids and to understand and know about historical events.

We recently watched this video, because we have visited Medora in North Dakota, and enjoyed it. The information was amazing. So educational! Once this reenactor got going, this was really good! Give it a chance.

This was one of the first videos he did. The content is very worth sitting through a less-than-professional performance. He, I would almost guarantee gets better as he gets used to this format and I would recommend watching later ones, too, if I were you!

Reenactor of Theodore Roosevelt gives educational talks full of interesting tidbits and information (26 talks–Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president!)


Virtual Field Trips To SeaQuest: Videos on Animals

Who doesn’t like animals? I have been yearning to visit the zoo during this time of being at home:) Sea animals, and zoo animals both are fascinating to most people. I think you’ll really enjoy these virtual field trips!

4) Virtual Field Trip to SeaQuest: Episode 1 on the Sloth: These would be very fun for young children (of any age)!


5) Virtual Field Trip to SeaQuest: Episode 2 on the Giant Pacific Octopus

"Parents who secure a good education to their children, are more useful than those who merely beget them." Aristotle
“Parents who secure a good education to their children, are more useful than those who merely beget them.” Aristotle

6) The White House: While not a video, this site is extremely interesting with many photos

So interesting. These collections of photos will start conversations, and teach your family. Fascinating!


7) Virtual Field Trip (documentary) To the White House


8) Virtual Field Trip To Some of the World’s Largest Aquariums


9) We’re Going To The Denver Zoo To See The Elephants!

Great and informational video on the Male Herd of Elephants at the Denver Zoo


10) Growing Up in a Stately Home

If you can ignore the ghost references, it’s a wonderful tour by someone who actually grew up in this magnificent home—my favorite part is the tour of the gardens????.



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These are just a few virtual field trips you can take! I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

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