When You Feel Like a Failure at Having a Daily Quiet Time | Your Home For God
Your Quiet Time With God Looks Different In Each Season of Life | Your Home For God
Your Quiet Time Looks Different In Each Season of Life.

Having a Quiet Time: A Word of Encouragement

  • Do you need a word of encouragement? Don’t give up.
  • Are you thinking it’s just not possible in this season of life that you’re in, with small children, to have a Quiet Time?
  • Are you thinking of not trying?
Does your heart LONG to draw nearer to God | Your Home For God
Does your heart LONG to draw nearer to God?

A Quiet Time Is Spending Time With God

I asked the Lord what you needed to hear about spending time with Him.

You may be very discouraged, and possibly struggling with guilt. You’re sure, if your friends, or anyone, knew what your time with God really looked like, they’d think you’re a terrible Christian. Maybe you have an idea in your head of what a Quiet Time is supposed to look like, and since yours doesn’t even faintly resemble that image in your head, you’ve come to the conclusion that, at least for now, you’ll just accept being a failure at having a Quiet Time.

You hope God will understand.

Quiet Time Dream, But Not Reality Now

You think, and dream, of the day, someday, when you’ll be able to sit quietly in a chair for an hour every morning, drinking your espresso, and studying your Bible, notebook and colored pens in hand.

But, that’s not now.

If that is what a Quiet Time looks like in your head, yes, that is not now. This description is very unrealistic for most moms in the midst of raising children. If you are able to do this, good for you! And, you probably need to tell the rest of the moms out there how you’re accomplishing it. 

Don't Compare Your...Quiet Time | Your Home For God
Don’t Compare Your…Quiet Time

Let Me Relieve A Load of Quiet Time Guilt

I would like to tell you, dear friend, that you are placing a load of guilt on yourself needlessly. Perhaps you have a baby or toddlers, or you’re a very busy mama of older children, taking them here and there, Homeschooling, or maybe you have 5, 6, 7, or maybe even 10 children, and you’re juggling all the responsibilities and dealing with all the ages. Let me encourage you, please. I would greatly like to relieve some of that load of guilt and pressure.

What Does a Quiet Time Look Like For You | Your Home For God
What does a Quiet Time Look Like for you?

What is a Quiet Time: A Story For You

Let me tell you a story. There was a man who had a maple tree in his backyard. It was a very large tree, and old. The man asked three people who had seen the maple tree to describe what a maple tree looks like. The first man got all excited and began to describe a maple tree: it was a vibrant tree with all kinds of color! Reds, oranges, yellows, glorious in foliage and causing people to remark on its beauty! It gave tremendous joy to the owners and to all who saw it!

But, what if the second man said, “Oh, no! Why, that’s not what a maple tree looks like, at all! A maple tree is full of leaves, to be sure, but they’re beautiful and lush green, not colorful, at all! And the birds love to find rest in its branches. It’s very serene and I find peace just looking at it.”

And, what if, then, the third person chimed in and said, “What! Why, have neither of you actually SEEN a maple tree? It’s the ugliest thing ever! Just bare branches! Looks like a lot of them are dying or dead, besides. Like an old woman with arthritic fingers, if you ask me!“

If you heard these three people describing a maple tree, what would you think, if you’d never seen a maple tree yourself? Why do they have such vastly different descriptions of a maple tree? Well, it’s very simple, isn’t it. Each person is giving an accurate description of an old maple tree, but each in a very different season.

Don't compare your Quiet Time | Your Home For God
Don’t compare your Quiet Time.

It’s Only a Season in Your Quiet Time

I would like to suggest to you that that’s what is happening to Christian women around the world regarding the topic of having a Quiet Time. What someone has described to you as being what a Quiet Time looks like, is indeed what it may look like, in a special and particular season. But, that is not the only kind of Quiet Time that God sees as valuable, and it is not the only description of a Quiet Time that there is.

The Quiet Time that you may be thinking you’re supposed to have, is one that’s only going to happen in a very different season than the one you’re in. The one appropriate for the season that you’re in, may look very, very different, but it is still a Quiet Time. And, it is precious, if your heart is desiring to draw near to God, and get to know Him and to please Him. Be encouraged!

It’s All About A Relationship with Jesus Christ

Let’s look at what the purpose is, first of all, in a Quiet Time. In the scope of things, its purpose really is to further our relationship with God and help us know what pleases Him and how to obey Him. It’s all about relationship. It’s so easy to forget this is about relationship.

Does your heart LONG to draw nearer to God | Your Home For God
Does your heart LONG to draw nearer to God?

If you and I are good friends, and another person you know is also my friend, would you try to copy the way that she and I relate to one another? Well, if you did, it would be silly, because it would be a fake relationship, then.

“I ask whether you pray because diligence in prayer is the secret of eminent holiness.”

Wendy Gunn

Each one is made up of two unique individuals getting to know one another! And, strengthened by their shared experiences. The only difference here, is that God already knows everything there is to know about you! He created you, loves you infinitely already, and wants you to know Him, and has the power to make it happen.

Getting to know God is not just reading your Bible, saying a prayer, and then putting your Bible on the shelf and going your way. It’s interacting with Him throughout your day. Asking for counsel. Remembering what He’s said as it relates to something you are going through in your home. Taking out His Word again to see what He thinks as you instruct your children in the way they should go. Asking Him for help. Thanking Him for help. For food. For all the good things He’s given and done for you. 

Breathe | Your Home For God

Getting To Know God Is Learning To Rely On Him and Find Him Faithful

It’s learning to rely on Him for everything, and finding Him faithful, time and time again. It’s confessing your sins, as you respond to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, and obeying what you read in His Word, by His help. It’s a lifelong process, because we’re getting to know the Creator of the Universe, the Infinite God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit–three in one. We will never fully know Him, until we see Him face to face in heaven.

If we want our lives to run well, (and our homes) everything must be founded on Jesus Christ, belief in His death and resurrection in payment for our sins, and obedience to His commands.

In order to know Him, love Him, and know what His commands are, that we need to obey, we have to spend time in His Word. It can be especially challenging when you have small children. So, what are some practical ways you can accomplish this, if you’re in a season with little children?

Let me share with you three places that you can put Scripture in your home, that will help you think on the Word of God throughout your day, in this busy season with small children:

Three ways to incorporate scripture into your day

  • Write out or print a verse or two or a chapter, from the Bible, and put it above the changing table, where you can read it and meditate on it, every time you change your baby’s diaper (make it colorful with special pens, if that’s your thing:)
  • Place Scripture on the wall in the bathroom, so every time you or your toddler, who you’re training, needs to visit the room, you can think on these verses! (frame them, if you like, and change them out weekly)
  • Put a frame on the table next to where you feed your baby, and put a card with Scripture verses hand-lettered in a cool way, or simply printed out in a cool font–don’t stress too much on this, just get it done!–in the frame. Read a verse aloud to your children during your Morning Time, and repeat it each time you sit down to nurse! Your children will automatically memorize it, just hearing it repeated like this, effortlessly. If you do this with one verse a week, your children will memorize 52 verses this year! 

Have a Great Day Making Your Home For God!

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