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Raising Godly Kids

Raising Godly Kids, I think, as Christian parents, we would all agree, is our goal. We want our children to have Godly character. What is our motivation? How do you define Godly character and what are the steps to develop Godly character in your children?Consistency in Christian Parenting help here for Raising Godly Kids (6-part […]

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10 Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling and You Should, Too

Read All The Homeschooling Series’ Posts (Click on the Links Below) How to Have a Fun, Easy First Year of Homeschooling Kindergarten Homeschooling is Hard, But So Worth It Homeschool Curriculum 101 Look at the Benefits of Homeschooling Objectively Grammar Skills Lead to Success, So How To Help Your Child Why I Love Homeschooling, And […]

Deep Cleaning Your Heart, Soul and Mind

Deep Cleaning Your Heart, Soul, and Mind We’re going to talk about cleansing your heart spiritually, how do you cleanse your heart spiritually, or purifying your heart and having a clean heart in this post. This is absolutely related to How to be Saved through Jesus Christ!Deep cleaning your heart can be compared to spring cleaning or […]

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