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I am a big dreamer. When I achieved the big dream of taking my whole family on a dream trip to Italy with miles I’d saved through our credit card and shared that story with you, your travel dreams were sparked and ignited! And you dream of starting or scaling your online business to the skies so that other dreams can come true.

I know you have big dreams and goals.

Just as sharing about my dream trip ignited your desire to explore the world, sharing other dreams ignited your aspirations in the realm of business. When you share your story, it inspires others to achieve their greatness.

Just like you, people’s stories have always inspired me.

My journey to Europe wasn’t just about sightseeing; it was about experiencing different cultures, connecting with family traveling with me, meeting new friends, and nurturing dreams.

Have you ever considered that you were nurturing dreams via email marketing?

Email marketing isn’t just another marketing tool. It’s as essential to your business as breathing is to your body.  Why is it so important? Email marketing is actually relationship-building. It’s this mindset that has allowed me to build an engaged email list of 12K with a 37% open rate (the industry average is about half that and indicates how many people actually click to open your email and read it). Whether you’re a beginning entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, email marketing is the key to success in online business.


At the core of email marketing lies human connection. Much like the relationships we form with new friends we meet during our travels, email marketing allows you to establish lasting relationships with your subscribers. You’ve heard about the know, like, and trust factor? Your client needs first to know you and like you, and then to trust you before becoming your loyal customer.

Online relationships grow through similar methods as in-person ones. You want to change lives, to make a difference in the world, and to effect lasting transformation.

Your online business is not only about selling products or services. It’s about nurturing trust and loyalty and authentically relating to your subscribers. Through personalized communication, you can cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who resonate with your vision and values.


Just as tech can improve our travel experiences, automation revolutionizes how we approach email marketing.

If not for automation, the larger your list becomes, the harder to stay connected with your subscribers it will become. You will burn out. You’ll feel stuck and overwhelmed.

You want to own your business, not your business own you and your time. Automation is the solution to accomplishing that desire. With automated workflows and sequences, you can give your subscribers a consistent experience of interaction with you, allow them to learn about your products and services more fully, give them the highest level of service, streamline your communication processes, and save time and resources while maximizing efficiency.

From welcome sequences to targeted campaigns, automation empowers you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, ensuring optimal engagement and conversion rates.


Just as automation empowers your email marketing, my newest Empowerment Coaching Program, “Empowered To Achieve,” allows you to obtain the highest level of goal achievement. I have achieved many big goals but haven’t always operated at the level of success and confidence I have now.

I used to feel insecure, inferior, and “not enough,” and I started but didn’t finish projects and accomplish my goals. My dreams were almost completely buried in my heart, under almost 100 extra pounds that I carried on my body.

Then, one day, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I knew that my story was forever changed. I am a walking miracle. Ovarian cancer is called the silent killer because it usually isn’t caught early–the symptoms look like many other non-serious conditions.

On a Tuesday, two football-sized tumors were discovered inside me, and they believed that it had not been caught early and had spread. Three days later, after many people’s prayers had gone up to God on my behalf, one football-sized tumor (contained) was removed in surgery, and it had been caught early. After receiving chemo treatments, I have been cancer-free for 22 years.

Up til the time of my cancer diagnosis, I had been copying my friends, comparing myself unfavorably to others, and coveting their lives. 

After my cancer diagnosis, I knew that I was uniquely created by God and He was writing a story in and through my life for a purpose. That knowledge led me to my passionate pursuit to communicate to you how uniquely God created you also and that you are uniquely created for a purpose. I love helping others find and fulfill their purpose.

The next year, with a desire to become healthier, I lost 50 pounds. This was like the first domino falling that led to many other BIG GOALS achieved in my life!

I mentioned the dream-come-true trip to Italy earlier. Other big goals achieved were losing another 50 pounds after the age of 60, starting to work out with a personal trainer for the first time, and raising our children to adulthood who we love and who are walking with the Lord. Over the years, I went from disorganized to organized and even was asked to organize events and give organizing tips and training to others. We finished Homeschooling our children from start to finish. I started my online business and grew my email list from around 600 to 12K in just over two years, with a 37% open rate. 

By God’s grace, I’ve achieved all these goals and many more.

I want to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

I’m excited to announce “Empowered To Achieve (ETA)” High-level coaching for high-achieving individuals.

If you’ve been held back by anything in the past and know there are goals and dreams inside you waiting to come out into the light of day to ignite your life to greatness and purpose, book a call with me to talk about how Empowered To Achieve Coaching can cause your ETA of achievement to come into sight.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post coming soon.

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