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Sarah’s Testimonial Video on Mastering Your Goals

I’ve achieved many important goals in my life by God’s grace!

From extremely obese to losing 90+ pounds.

From disorganized, overwhelmed, and a starter-but-not-finisher to someone organized in my home and life (I’ve even had a neighbor call me “the most organized person I know”), and someone looked to when large events need to be planned.

From many projects lying around unfinished and a procrastinating perfectionist, waiting for the perfect moment to begin, and so I never did, to someone who sets goals, keeps moving forward, seeks progress rather than perfection, and accomplishes her goals!

Come Along with Me on the Journey to Mastering Your Goals!!!


Click to watch Sarah’s short video testimonial on Mastering Your Goals!

Do you want to Be Consistent and Successful in Prioritizing and Achieving your Most Important Goals in 2023?

Enroll in Mastering Your Goals NOW! Don’t Wait!


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Don’t procrastinate–do it now! You won’t regret it! Your life can change beginning today!

Have a Great Day  Making Your Home For God!

Wendy Gunn helps young Christian moms have clarity and consistency prioritizing God's Unique Goals for their home, family, and life! | Wendy Gunn | Your Home For God

Through my courses and coaching, I help Christian moms get organized and have the clarity to identify and consistently prioritize God’s unique goals for their life.

Struggling with Inconsistency and to Know What’s Important to Prioritize?

Like you, I’ve struggled with prioritizing. Tried to do all the things, please everyone, say yes to everything. I thought I had to be perfect, but I never felt like I was “enough.”

I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out. Then I learned who I was uniquely created to be, stopped comparing and pursuing perfectionism, gained clarity, and focused on finding God’s goals for me. I learned to be consistent at prioritizing and accomplishing His goals! I lost 90+ lbs., finished Homeschooling my kids all the way through, got organized in my life & home, and became a writer, speaker, and online businesswoman. Your goals will be different, but you can achieve God’s goals for you, and I can help!

 Enroll in Mastering Your Goals Today!

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