Set Goals You Accomplish!

I’m here today to tell you that you CAN Set Goals you accomplish! Start consistently crushing your most important tasks. Prioritizing what’s really important to you and God. You can. You’re looking at living proof. Nothing special about me, but I’ve lost almost 50 lbs., experienced victory over bitterness in my heart and gone from being a procrastinating perfectionist, and a disorganized inconsistent starter, but never completing person, to someone others call organized and who can be counted on when events and systems need to be organized! (*Progress, not perfection!!! I am on the journey still, and have a long ways to go yet on my goals, but I’m being molded daily by my Heavenly Father, Who is so patient, gracious and merciful!)

I Can Succeed With God's Help | Your Home For God

I Can Succeed With God’s Help!

How did that happen, and how can you succeed, too? Do you want to know what tasks to accomplish, prioritize them, and then crush them? To Set Goals You Accomplish?

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By God’s grace, I’ve accomplished some major goals. I’ve raised children to adulthood who love the Lord Jesus and with whom we have close relationships. I’m proud of them. Check out my Course, Raising Godly Kids, for clarity, consistency, calm from chaos, and Godly character in your kids.

I’ve Homeschooled those children start to finish. One went on to college and has a degree and a good job. Another is married and pursuing her dreams and serving the Lord. By God’s grace, I’ve been married to one man for over 42 years. At one time I was almost 90 pounds heavier than today. I’ve lost 50 lbs., twice! Now I am close to my wedding weight. Planning large and small events is something I’ve done often, as well as hosting groups of all sizes. I don’t share these things to boast, but to give you hope that you can have the satisfaction of crushing God’s goals for you. You can have clarity, His power to be consistent, and prioritize and accomplish what He purposed for you to do on this earth. You were made for a unique and wonderful purpose, friend–to bring God glory!

Whether it’s January, April, July, or October,

It doesn’t matter the time of the year,

If God whispers, “I want change,” in your ear,

make this Day One of your new year!

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My Goals Accomplished Are ALL Glory To God

You may have set goals before. Expectations were and you may have had hopes and dreams that everything was going to be suddenly different. By simply being determined and enthusiastic, everything would change, so you made plans and assumed you’d succeed…but it only lasted a short time, and then, once again, you gave up and quit.

Right now, you know God wants you to change. And, you want to change! What is wrong, then, when you have set the goals and made the plans? Why isn’t everything different?

God is in the business of changing hearts. He isn’t interested in outward conformity to a set of rules, but a relationship with you that completely changes your life! Prioritizing, clarity on what He wants, and how to achieve it, and the power to change are what He offers. He’s changed me and I have learned how to set goals and accomplish them. I want you to do the same! And, I know you CAN!!!

Set Goals You Accomplish | Your Home For God

Set Goals You Accomplish

Starting a blog— If one of your goals is to start a blog, and you want to make a difference and/or an income, go to my Blogging Page for my recommendations! This is one of the goals God’s given me grace to accomplish–twice:)

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Why Do We Fail To Accomplish Goals?

Part of the reason we fail when we set goals is our foundational focus and mindset. We don’t realize that in order to change habits, we need a heart change. And, we don’t realize that setting goals and accomplishing them is also a skill to develop. At the foundation of our failure is that we don’t know God or who He made us to be! You are uniquely-created by God for a purpose! You are meant to bring glory to Him, and He wants you to have clarity on His priorities for your life and His goals for you!

Are you ready to go on a Journey from Heart Change to Habits Change? It all starts in the heart.

Want Help With Lasting Change In Your Life?

If 1-on-1 coaching from someone who’s been there and who can give you encouragement and clarity on how to achieve God’s priorities, and crush your goals is something you’d like to know more about, click to find out more!

Have a Great Week Making Your Home For God!

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I help overwhelmed young moms be consistent in their relationship with God, raise Godly kids, and have clarity to live out God’s priorities for His glory, through Courses, Conferences, and Coaching.

 Want help getting clarity on what tasks to be doing as a mom and prioritizing them? Get “Raising Godly Kids”–help from a mom of grown children who has been there. You can be consistent and there is parenting help available.

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