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When is the Right Time to Begin Discipline in a Child’s Life

When should you begin training your child in first-time obedience? How early should you begin actively applying discipline? If you’re a parent, you know that a baby is born with a sin nature:) In this video I’ll share my advice. It may surprise you! But, let me share with you some of my credentials: I have been married for 40 years, and have raised my own children, who are now adults.

I especially love babies. Over the past 10 years I’ve been a nanny, and have a lot of experience with babies. 

Working with young moms in my Moms’ Group who I mentored and spending time with them and their children, plus the number of large families who are part of our church and who’ve been our friends and in our Homeschooling circle, over many years, have also provided me with much valuable experience. 

This video is a helpful tip from that experience about what age I’ve seen as a good time to start. However, have you read all the posts in this Series on Obedience in Children yet? Because discipline and training in the pursuit of raising Godly children involves much more than what I share in this video. Please read.

Biblical training involves the heart–yours and your child’s. And is a work of the Holy Spirit, that we cooperate in! You need to read all that I’ve shared! It will be life-changing, if you apply it. 

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It’s your choice if you will be a repeating parent or a parent that expects first-time obedience!

Hi! If you’re new here, let me introduce myself! I’m Wendy Gunn. I’m a Christian wife and mom, a homeschooler, with grown children who we home-schooled all the way through.

Your Home For God, Obedience-in-children
Obedience in Children: 5 Part Series

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Again, here are the posts in the Series on Obedience in Children!

Part 1:  Raising Godly Kids

Part 2: What is the #1 Character Trait You Need to Train In

Part 3: How to Be a Success in Child Discipline

Part 4: How to Stop Being a Repeating Parent

Part 5:Christian Parenting is Tough

Bonus Post:How to Discipline My Child

I’m curious–let me know at what age you first saw that look in your child’s eye of defiance, or testing you to see what would happen if they did it one more time, and if you really meant it? At what age do you think is appropriate to begin discipline of a child? Let me know in the comments below!

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