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Organization Skills Can Be Learned

It is a time of year when we’re more focused on setting goals. Have you ever thought that God has goals for you? God is writing a story in your family as a whole and in each of your children’s lives that is singular and unique. 

He writes this story through your strengths, weaknesses, habits you will overcome, and the goals you need to set in order to accomplish what He wants to do in and through you.

God is writing a story in and through Your family and You.

 This story is as unique as your fingerprint!

When I was growing up, I was the kind of person that wrote down detailed lists. I would write down goals for the day like get up, get dressed, brush your teeth. 

My mom used to laugh at me. But, I think, from a young age, I liked the feeling of crossing off something on my list that I’d accomplished for the day.

As a young mom, I still made lists. But, I was desperate to become organized and learn organization skills. I read a lot of books on the subject of time management and scheduling and gained some skills at that. I learned a lot during those years. I watched videos, I attended seminars, and I soaked up everything I could on the subject of setting and accomplishing goals.

You Can Succeed At Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them

And as I had more, you might say, success with setting goals and accomplishing them, I began to enjoy the feeling of achieving a goal, setting a goal, completing a project. I began to apply the wisdom that I gained from those sources and also from the Lord as I sought Him out, asking Him to help me in the areas of time management and conquering bad habits.

Habits Can Be Changed

We all have a bad habit, or perhaps many bad habits, that we want to overcome. We desperately want to change, don’t we?

And then, we have children, and we realize that often they have caught or copied the bad habits that we have and then we see that bad habit so clearly in ourselves and wish that we weren’t passing it on to our children.

How God Uniquely Created You Will Direct Your Goals

I want to remind you of an important fact, which is a central theme of all I write and say: you and your family were created uniquely by God. You are not an accident. God has a plan.

We all have strengths and weaknesses that are unique to our family. These strengths and weaknesses and the Godly character qualities that God wants to instill and train in us will direct and determine the goals we must set and what habits we need to overcome and change.

Do you treat your child like a person
Do you treat your child like a person?

How God Changes Us Displays His Power To The World

God is writing a story in and through our family and us. How we change—how God, through His Spirit changes us—how we grow as a family, how we overcome habits and weaknesses, and how we develop Godly character, are all part of it. These become the unique story God is writing in our lives. It is a testimony to the world of God’s power at work in our lives. This story is as unique as your fingerprint.

“God is writing a story in your family and in each of your children’s lives that is so special and unique.

Wendy Gunn

God Will Do A New, Unique, And Wonderful Work In Your Family

I wish I’d realized this truth much earlier in life. I spent so much wasted time trying to become other people. I copied their goals and their way of doing things without any regard to the difference in our personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

I did learn much from them, and that’s a good thing. I learned a lot from dear friends who are very gifted and proficient in skills that I am not. That’s a good thing. But, I tried to duplicate them too much.

I wish I’d known that God wants to se​t goals and help us accomplish them. He will do a unique work in our family, and write a new, unique, and wonderful story in us!

God Has Unique Goals and A Unique Story For Each Of Your Children

As you train your children and set goals for them, please keep this in mind, as well, and don’t try to replicate yourself in them or cause your children to become exactly like you. This tendency to want to replicate ourselves is a fault—you might even call it a sin—that, as moms, we really struggle with, especially Homeschooling moms.

Do you try to control your kids too much
Do you try to control your kids–too much?

We tend to forget that our children are individual people. Each one is an individual, different from us, and different from their siblings. God has unique goals for each one of their lives that He will help them accomplish. He is writing a story in your family as a whole and in each of your children’s lives that is singular and unique. He writes this story through your strengths, weaknesses, habits you will overcome, and the goals you need to set in order to accomplish what He wants to do in you.

God has unique goals for each one of your children to accomplish that He will help them to do.

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