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A Simple Way Not to Leave Out God in Your Morning

How Not to Leave Out God in Your Morning

I had to find a way to not leave God out of my morning! What habits and routines have you established in your home? Do you have a morning routine? I love the Morning Basket idea. Do you use a Morning Basket in your home and family? Comment and tell me what you include in your Morning Basket.

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We didn’t call it this in our home, but we definitely had something like a Morning Basket. What do your children know to expect WILL happen every day, without fail? When something has “always been that way as long as I can remember,” your children come to accept it as normal, and they tend to not question it! Don’t leave God out of your morning!

If you want your children to accept Christ as their Savior and have their own Quiet Time, growing spiritually as they grow up, establish this as the norm in your home and family, spending time with God in His Word yourself, every morning, and reading the Bible with your children every day.

Your Home For God, a-simple-way-not-to-leave-out-god-in-your-morning
How to Have a Morning Routine that Does Not Leave out God.

Include Time in God’s Word Every Morning for A Sensational Summer Plan

As summer approaches, what is your plan? Do you have one? Being intentional, having a plan, and a routine–setting goals for the summer–will assure that you will not waste away the summer and think, “Where did the summer go?” You may not achieve everything you plan, but you’ll achieve way more than if you didn’t plan at all.

Summer is a wonderful time for you and your children to do extra reading, and I encourage you not to neglect character training. It is a great idea to also plan in extra time in God’s Word in your morning! Summers tend to be more laid back (though busy). Make sure you follow this video tip, if you have trouble, and make sure not to leave out God in your morning!

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Being in the Word of God is THE Most Important Thing in Your Day

One thing has helped me to make sure that God is first in my day. When I do it, I have my Quiet Time, and read my Bible and pray. When I don’t, Bible reading and prayer may still happen, but they don’t happen first thing, by a long shot. God gets left out of my morning. This may not be a problem for you, but it is for me, and if it is a problem for you to find time to read your Bible and pray, as many of you tell me, you may want to do what I have done, and apply this one simple tip!

Does your morning routine include time in the word of God and prayer?

Your Home For God, what-happens-when-you-put-god-first
What Happens When You Put God First

Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life

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