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I have a confession to make: I have an imperfect marriage. Actually, you do, too, though. Are you surprised that I’m admitting to an imperfect marriage? Do you think there is such a thing as a perfect marriage? Have your expectations made you feel bad that your marriage isn’t perfect? We’re going to talk today about “How to Be Happy In Your Imperfect Marriage”! You’ll also want to read, “How to Be a Happy Couple,” and “How to Be a More Submissive Wife When You Are Opinionated.”

Your Home For God, how-to-be-happy-in-your-imperfect-marriage

Prior to our wedding day, my husband and I went through 12 weeks of premarital counseling with our pastor. I felt excited to find out more about myself and my husband, and to take the tests to evaluate my personality was fun for me! I love analyzing myself and others! I was also excited to find out the results!

Your Imperfect Marriage Is Made Up Of Two Imperfect People

I am an imperfect person, and so is my husband. How could we have anything but an imperfect marriage? I want to communicate to you today that you can be a happy couple even though you have an imperfect marriage!

When all the results came back, I was super excited to find out all about “us”! I loved finding out about me! It was so enlightening and reinforced what I already knew about myself. I felt so disappointed when I saw that every single time my graph went way up, my fiancé’s graph bottomed out! And every time his graph went skyrocketing, my graph dropped through the floor. We slammed headlong into the fact that we were polar opposites.

Love Is Totally Possible In an Imperfect Marriage

Love is totally possible in an imperfect marriage between opposites. If you’re married to someone who is opposite to you, I’d love to talk to you:) It’s harder in some ways, isn’t it? But, on the other hand, there are many advantages and pluses! The time to think about whether you should marry a person who is opposite of your personality is before you marry, not after! Marriage should be approached with deep thought and prayer, and not impulsively. 

I had mixed feelings the last day of our premarital counseling session. I was excited and nervous and happy that our wedding was just a week away, but I was sad that the premarital counseling was coming to an end. Our pastor stood before us at the end of the evening, and surprised me by what he had to say. I was unprepared for what he was about to say! I felt totally optimistic. I felt happy and confident. 

Go Into an Imperfect Marriage With Your Eyes Open

Our pastor, with a concerned look on his face, looked at us both, and said these words to us, at our last meeting with him before our wedding day: “You can still change your minds.” Imagine hearing those words one week before your wedding day!

He said to me, “Without Jesus, you’ll probably end up in a cult.” And to my fiancé, he said, “Without Jesus, you’ll likely become a hermit.” “Without Jesus, your marriage isn’t going to make it.”

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Your Expectations and Your Imperfect Marriage

It was good to have our unrealistic expectations dashed!

Imperfect Marriage Can Be Powerfully Used of God

If you think you married the wrong person, because you have an imperfect marriage, you have the wrong expectations, and you’re listening to lies.

Your marriage story can be so powerful, because you won’t make it without Jesus Christ. Actually, every couple should hear that they won’t make it without Jesus. If you are trying to make it without Christ, you’re not going to have an eternally impactful marriage or life. God will use you mightily when you realize that you won’t make it without Him, and you begin relying on Him for everything, because you are not going to make it in your own strength, and you have to work at marriage.

Are You Pressuring Your Husband To Be Perfect

No one is perfect. You aren’t perfect! Why would you expect your husband to be perfect? Maybe you’re getting a message from media that is making you compare your husband unfavorably? Stop that practice immediately.

Do You Beat Yourself Up For Not Being Perfect

Do you think YOU have to be perfect? Improving. Not perfect. Don’t listen to the lies. Go to the Lord, on your knees, and confess and turn from your sins, but don’t ever expect to be perfect, this side of heaven. Expectations, by the way, are joy-killers!

“Expectations are joy-killers.” Wendy Gunn

Are You Comparing Your Imperfect Marriage To Others’?

How to Be Happy in Your Imperfect Marriage | Your Home For God

Man, we, as women, need to stop comparing! It’s so easy, but so bad for you! Yeah, there are people who go on about how their husband is their very best friend on earth. And, yeah, there are wonderful relationships out there, but so what? That doesn’t mean anything to you. God has you and your husband in the palm of His Hand, He’s molding your marriage, and He’s going to write a fabulous message and story–and you know He’s in the business of healing, and forgiving, and being the One who gets all the glory, right?–through your marriage!

This is only the beginning of what I am want to say to you about How to Be Happy In Your Imperfect Marriage, but the point is, no one has a perfect marriage and never will, but there are ways to be a happy couple! God is in the business of using imperfect marriages, and bringing glory to Himself through them and their imperfect families! He is raising Godly kids through imperfect marriages, and imperfect marriages can last a lifetime, faithfully!!! I pray this for your imperfect marriage. Let your husband and family know how important they are to you today, and how much you love them. Don’t forget to read, “How to Be a Happy Couple,” and “How to Be a More Submissive Wife When You Are Opinionated.”

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