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Exhausted! What to Do?

I feel so exhausted, like a truck ran me down. It’s difficult to focus or concentrate, and frankly, I don’t care about anything. I can’t muster up the energy! I know you’ve been there. Maybe you are, right now.

For the last few weeks I’ve been pushing. Hard. Accomplishing so much, but, not taking the necessary breaks, or, maybe I did, but not long enough? Or maybe it’s just a normal part of life, and I don’t need to figure out why it happened. There is so much to do! And, I hit the wall. So, I’ve found some things that help me when I feel so exhausted and need emergency self-care, and I want to share them with you.

You Are Not Alone If You Are Exhausted

Your Home For God, 10-self-care-measures-for-when-you-feel-exhausted

10 Self-Care Measures For When You Feel Exhausted

This will be short and sweet, for all of you who are exhausted, like me. First of all, I want to assure you, you are not alone! If I had to estimate, I would guess that 80% of women would say they are exhausted right now, if a poll were taken. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or your situation or role, we tend to be too busy, and get overwhelmed, and exhausted!

I also want to encourage you that you are not “bad,” a “failure,” or any other negative thing you’re telling  yourself! You are just a human being! Jesus got exhausted. That’s a part of life, and part of being human. Don’t beat yourself up.

10 Self-Care Measures For When You Feel Exhausted

10 Possible Helps For When You Feel Exhausted (Because this isn’t one more list of things you HAVE to do:)

  1. Breathing/Relaxing Exercises: Breathe in through your nose for 8 slow counts, out through your mouth for double that. Repeat 4 times, relaxing your body as you breathe.
  2. Set only 1 thing to accomplish for this day.
  3. Do a Brain Dump: Write all those things down that you feel need to be done and are weighing on you, and are in your head. They will wait for another day, but you won’t forget them, if you write them down.
  4. Drink extra water: Being dehydrated is one of the quickest ways to become exhausted! Set a timer or reminder on your phone to drink water. Fill a water bottle and drink 24 ounces every few hours. Add lemons (a natural antibiotic, in case your fatigue is also a symptom of a lowered immune system).
  5. Do something soothing: soak in a bubble bath, listen to music that you enjoy and that is relaxing, read a book or listen to an audiobook. Spend some time on yourself. Replenish, restore, refresh.
  6. Give yourself permission to take a mental health day.
  7. Remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished.
  8. Prepare a simple supper, or assign the job to another family member (or order in:) 
  9. Go to bed early: everything you need to do will wait–get some extra sleep
  10. Think on Scripture and pray:  Ask the Lord for help. He knows what exhaustion feels like. Play Scripture in your headphones, place Scripture cards in front of your face and keep your thoughts praising God, despite how you feel. 

Your Home For God, 10-self-care-measures-for-when-you-feel-exhausted

10 Self-care-measures for when you feel exhausted

Be Hopeful Though Exhausted

This, too, shall pass. Most likely you will not feel like this forever. It is temporary. Give yourself grace, don’t beat yourself up over it, and apply these self-help tips to recover quickly. Bless you, my friend.

Don’t Despair. This, too, shall pass.

Wendy Gunn

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