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Character evaluation acknowledges that God made me uniquely, and special, but He wants to change me to be more like Christ, and there is Godly character to develop. You know that each of the members of your family is different from one another. When Godly character is displayed there’s joy and peace. 

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It’s pure joy to make plans that your family gets excited about, for instance! But, what excites one member, does not ring the bell of another! Each one is created differently. In fact, in one family, you may have many different personalities.

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Your Home For God, How-to-evaluate-character-in-your-children

How to Evaluate Character in Your Children

God Made Us Different For a Purpose

Learning to live together in harmony and being okay with the unique ways that God has created each of us is a challenge. Designing us uniquely, but very differently is, no doubt, a part of God’s plan and one of His ways of accomplishing His goal, to develop Christlike character in each one of us and in our family.

As you set goals for yourself and do character evaluation in your family for the coming year, think about where God is headed with you. Think about how He has created each one of your children. Think about their gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. Think about their heart’s desires and passions. Think about what motivates them. How can you work with God and partner with Him to help your child fulfill God’s purposes for him?

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Do Character Evaluation Including Each Person’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Interests and Passions

As you have evaluated your children’s personality, also look at their character, from God’s point of view. Where are the areas they need to improve? Is there sin? Or, just maturing needed? As you have evaluated your children’s personality and character, now think about your own.  Evaluate your own character prayerfully and objectively. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your gifts, interests, talents, desires, and passions? What are areas that you need to work on, as you evaluate your character? What areas did you grow in Godly character this year? Now, some people really enjoy thinking about this and some people, they never even give it a second thought, but I would really encourage you to take the time to do this. I happen to be one who loves to analyze myself, my family, and the people I meet!

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I love to do this activity. That is how God made me. But, do take the time to think, pray, evaluate, and assess, and do character evaluation, whether it’s a favorite activity or not, because it’s a way to work with God to become who He wants you to be. 

Have you ever taken personality assessments? I have taken them both when younger, and also recently I took an assessment related to my personality, but as it relates to business. I also had a really helpful session with Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities, who designs marketing strategies and other resources based on her clients’ personality types, and podcasts about that, for bloggers and businesswomen.

Character Evaluation Can Be Helpful

I have found these assessments to be really helpful. Not everyone is going to agree with that, but I find it to be helpful understanding myself and my family better.

“What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your gifts, interests, desires, and passions?

A Character Evaluation Game For Your Family

In my upcoming Parenting Course, I will include a list of strengths and their corresponding weaknesses for you to use to set goals for your children and evaluate character, if you want to do that as a family. 

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Generous (character quality card from Set of 30 Character Quality Cards)

I’ve created a game to play with Character Quality cards. (Click to Subscribe and get your Free set of Pretty Printable Character Quality Cards (30 in the set), to print out and play immediately! I made them to coordinate with the Scripture Cards, so your children can have extra reinforcement to memorize the verses!) This is a fun way to learn Godly character, especially with children. (This would also be fun to play in your Church Small Group or with a group of singles or couples who know each other at least a little bit, since you’ll be evaluating each other’s character:)

Your Home For God, Fun-Activities-For-Family-character-evaluation

Fun Activities For Family Character Evaluation

You’re going to need children that are old enough to do this (unless you’re playing with other adults:). The cards have the Godly character quality with a corresponding Bible verse and reference on each card. The person whose turn it is draws a Character quality card, lays it face up on the table, and then all players have a set amount of time to write down on a piece of paper the name of the person that has this Godly character quality (or the person in the group that has this Godly character quality) the most. Feel free to discuss what the character quality means or looks like!

If you are having a difficult time deciding, or don’t know exactly what that character quality is, you can look up the dictionary definition and read the sentence they give to help define it. Are you seeing how this will fulfill Homeschool requirements, too?! Love when the kids think they’re playing, but they’re actually doing school! (If your children are old enough to play the game, and understand what the Godly character qualities are, but not old enough to write down the name of the person who has them, you could use pictures of the members of your family instead!) 

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When the time is up–you could use a 3-minute egg timer–each person turns their card over to show who they voted for, and gets the opportunity to tell why they voted for that person. How have you seen this character quality exhibited in the person’s life. 

This is a fabulous time and way to affirm the Godly character qualities you see in each other! The bonding this brings in a family can’t be overstated. It also puts a fair amount of good “pressure” on a person who has not been exhibiting very Godly character, to improve, or go to the Lord and repent! 

Don’t Turn Character Evaluation Into Character Assassination!

But, don’t turn this into an opportunity to lecture, criticize, or condemn! Encourage Godly character and say nothing about less-than-Godly character!!! This is not the time or place! Keep it fun and encouraging, Mom and Dad!!! And, don’t let siblings say negative things, either. Each person gets a point for each time his name was written down as displaying the Godly character quality the most, and the person with the most votes gets double points and wins the round, and begins the next round by turning the next character quality card over. 

This is a great game to get you talking about Godly character, help you to recognize Godly character in a person, and for your children to see and be able to articulate what these character qualities look like when lived out! It also creates a desire to exhibit Godly character, so that others will see it in you!

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Have a Great Week Making Your Home For God!

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