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How to Show Practical Hospitality At Church

Your Home For God, Hospitality-As-Family-Ministry-3-Part-Series

Hospitality As Family Ministry

How can we show practical hospitality at church? If showing hospitality is showing the love of Christ, in essence, we shouldshow hospitality everywhere, and especially at church. How do we love people and follow Christ’s example of showing hospitality, in our home and at church? This is a Series on Hospitality as Family Ministry.

I’d like to expand your thinking about where hospitality takes place. Hospitality doesn’t take place only in the home.

If you’ve never thought of it before, I want you to be aware that you should show hospitality–show the love of Christ–outside your home. At church. Everywhere.  

Your Home For God, Steps-To-Show-Hospitality-At-Church

Steps To Show Hospitality At Church

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How Do We Show Practical Hospitality To A Visitor At Church

If a visitor comes to our group (at church, or anywhere), do we say hello and seek to make them feel welcome? Do we show hospitality when we’re outside of our own home?

Am I Thinking Of Others When I Show Hospitality

You should show hospitality, which is to say, to show the love of Christ, everywhere. There are many times that you’re the one “at home” and you can make a real difference in the experience of a “new person” or “outsider.” How do you honor Christ’s reputation, or are you consumed with your own feelings and experience?

You’re The Regular If You’ve Been There Twice

Whenever you’re in a setting where you have been more than once, you’re basically now a “regular,” and if there’s a visitor, new person, or someone who’s newer than you, there, you can make them feel “at home” by welcoming them, getting to know them a little and answering any questions they have or giving them a few tips on how to settle in, and to know what they can expect.  

Steps To Show Practical Hospitality At Church

  • When a visitor comes through the door of your church, go over and say, “Hi.”
  • Introduce yourself, and say, “I don’t believe I’ve met you, I’m _____.”
  • Extend your hand, if they have a free hand, to shake theirs.
  • Introduce your spouse and children, if they’re with you, or point them out, if they’re not.

If time is short, just let the person know that if they have any questions, they can feel free to ask you. Then, if you have responsibilities to get to, politely tell them you have some things to attend to before the service and that it was very nice to meet them.

Arrive Early To Be Prepared To Show Practical Hospitality At Church

If there’s time before the service begins, ask them where they’re from, and how they found out about your church. Don’t be distracted. Listen. Care about them! Help them settle in. 

Here are 10 things you can do to make a person feel welcome:

  1. Show them where to hang their coat, if they have one.
  2. If they have children, give them information on what is available for their care.
  3. Tell them what time everything will begin, so they know how much time they have. 
  4. Let them know the location of restrooms.
  5. Identify the location of the nursery (if your church has one).
  6. If your church has Sunday School, let them know what classes are available, if they’re interested in attending, etc., and the location of the Sunday School classrooms.
  7. If your church has any printed materials for visitors, get that for them, or a bulletin.
  8. Point out places where they can get more information, if they want it (perhaps a bulletin board, or back table with information on missionaries, programs of the church, etc.).
  9. Introduce the person to another person, couple, or the Pastor, Elder or Ministry Leader, who works with others in similar life situations, such as singles, couples, elderly, or single moms.
  10. Offer to sit with them, or take them to the location of the next thing they are going to do.


Visit A New Church To Remember How It Feels To Be Shown Hospitality At Church (Or Not)

If you haven’t visited a new church in some time, try to remember how that feels! Be sensitive to a new person’s needs and don’t overwhelm them with information. 

Your Home For God, Steps-To-Show-Hospitality-At-Church

Steps To Show Hospitality At Church

I think it’s a great idea to take a week off about once a year and visit a new church, if for no other reason than it gives you a whole new perspective on how it feels to walk into a church that you’ve never been to before!

Be Prepared With Printed Materials To Show Hospitality At Church

If you have many new visitors each week, and even if you don’t, be prepared with printed information in your hand to give to new people. If your church has no printed visitor information, maybe this is something you could suggest, or even print up some basic information for people you meet. If your church has a website, make sure the visitor has that information.

Sometimes you will want to get to many people, and you won’t have much time to spend with any one person. Be welcoming, give helpful information, and then introduce them to another person or family from your church, and move on to the next visitor. You may want to keep a little notebook handy to write down at least their first names, and some general information about them. 

Specific Ways To Say, “I Care” and Show Hospitality At Church

There’s nothing that says, “I care” more than remembering a person’s name the next time you see them, and if you also remember details from your previous conversation, even better!

When you’re at your own church, you are the one “at home.” Have you considered how you’re to treat others who visit? Have you thought of this as showing hospitality? Have you considered how you show love to those who are regulars, but, perhaps you don’t like them, or you don’t feel uncomfortable around them. What is Christ’s example?

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Pray: “Lead me to who You want me to talk to today, Lord. Guide the conversation, use me, and love them through me.” Wendy Gunn

Ask God Who He Wants You To Show Hospitality To At Church

When we’re at church, do we ask God, “Lead me to who You want me to talk to, Lord. Guide the conversation to whatever You want. If there are needs, help me see them, and use me today.” Or do we always sit with “our friends,” our group, and talk to those we feel comfortable with?


Your Home For God, Steps-To-Show-Hospitality-At-Church

Steps To Show Hospitality At Church

Am I Too Consumed With Myself To Show Hospitality At Church

We often are so consumed with our own things that we don’t even see the opportunities and needs that God places in front of us throughout our day, and the ways He wants to use us. I know I’m guilty of this. Or we don’t want to take the time or make the effort, or we don’t want to inconvenience ourselves. When you’re at church, what is your attitude?

How Can We Follow God’s Way of Hospitality At Church

What is God’s way, as exhibited in Jesus’ life? He was willing to be inconvenienced. He paid attention to individuals. Jesus loved when it cost Him everything.

Your Home For God, How-to-be-Prepared-To-Show-Hospitality-At-Church

How to be Prepared To Show Hospitality At Church


Your Home For God, Hospitality-As-Family-Ministry-3-Part-Series

Hospitality As Family Ministry

Read and Share this Series on “Hospitality As Family Ministry”:

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