Used By God in Hospitality

The Most Important Thing You Do In The Ministry Of Hospitality Is Before Your Guests Arrive

3-Part Series on How to Practice Hospitality as family ministry. This requires you to get organized. Get my Workshop, Busy Mom Organized Life today to have consistent routines, an organized home, and an organized life.

Hospitality As Family Ministry – 3 Part Series

You want to be used by God. Hospitality practice is high on your list of things to get better at, and yet it’s hard. What should you, could you, do today to prepare for the guests that are coming?

Today I want to talk to you about preparation before you have people into your home. What are some of the things that are important to do before you have guests

Well, I think that we would all say we would be cleaning our home. We’d be thinking of something to serve our guests that would taste good. Those are good things to do. I think if you know me or have been reading here on the blog, you would guess that I would say organization and preparation are important.

But, I want to talk to you today about something that I think is a very important–perhaps the most important–element in Christian hospitality. I believe there’s a difference between entertaining and true hospitality and God is very involved in true hospitality. In fact, if anything eternal is going to happen, if there’s going to be a spiritual element to your hospitality, it’s going to be because he was involved. Because the Holy Spirit did it. 

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It’s not about you, it’s about Him. And, so before guests come to your home I want to recommend and encourage you to spend some time with God alone. 

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“I Feel So Guilty! I Wish My Guests Would Just Go Away!”

Let’s be brutally honest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you may have experienced wishing your guests would go away. Maybe there has been too much. There may be extenuating circumstances. Perhaps you’re completely exhausted, empty, and drained of all reserves. There are times you need quiet and space. You desperately want to pull away by yourself, and you feel like you’re going to go crazy. 

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed and just wish you didn’t have to take your guests (even if they may be your family!) around sightseeing, spend time talking to them, or take care of one more need of theirs. But you feel trapped. You don’t see how you can get out of it. 

Later we will discuss what may cause this, boundaries, setting limits, and communicating your needs to your husband. 

The Holy Spirit Must Change Our Hearts For Us To Be Used By God

Let’s acknowledge that those attitudes and feelings may be there at times.

Ask God to prepare your heart before the guests arrive. if you perhaps don’t have love for the guests that are coming, or His love for them, ask God to give you His love for them. Ask God to change your heart.

Jesus Was Human And Knows Your Needs

Did it ever occur that Jesus may not have naturally loved the people who pushed in and crowded around Him? When He had plans to pull away to a desert place with His disciples, and spend alone time with them, do you think in His flesh He responded with love and joy when the multitudes suddenly found Him and wanted something from Him? I’m saying that the same Spirit that allowed Jesus to respond with love to the multitude lives in you if you have received the Spirit of Christ and are truly saved.

God created you for a purpose. Get organized so you can obey His command to practice hospitality.

Pray each day of your guests’ visit before you set foot on the floor in the morning, that your attitude would exemplify Christ’s, and that He would shed His love abroad in your hearts, and your guests would experience the love of Christ through you.

How Can You Be Used By God If You Wish Guests Weren’t Coming?

Pray for your guests before they come. That is one way to have an attitude change. Perhaps they have needs or issues in their lives that you don’t know anything about. Maybe they’re going through something you don’t know, but God knows. Pray for them. Think about what He would have you to do and examine your own heart.

I believe that the most important thing to God is that you make yourself available. When you come before the Lord and you say, “Thy will be done, Lord. Just use me as You want. Accomplish Your purpose through me.” He is ready and willing to do this and I have never seen God hesitate–He acts very quickly–whenever I say I’m available. 

God created you for a purpose. Get organized so you can obey His command to practice hospitality.

God doesn’t want your clean house, gorgeous table, or amazing food. He doesn’t even need your skills at hospitality. He can use anyone, anytime, that He desires. It’s His work, so commit your hospitality to Him

Ask Him to work in it, prepare you and your family, and show you what He wants you to do.

Priorities and Balance in Hospitality

Now this isn’t to say that the condition of your home isn’t important, or that you shouldn’t think about what your food will be like, but it’s a matter of priorities and balance. 

Thy will be done, Lord. Just use me as You want. Accomplish Your purpose through me.” 

The Heart Is All-Important In Being Used By God 

God created you for a purpose. Get organized so you can obey His command to practice hospitality.

I think that your heart is what we’ve been talking about and God cares deeply about your heart and he cares deeply about who gets the glory. 

It says in God’s Word that He will not share His glory with another and I think this is really a temptation for all of us, at different times. But, if you care more about how spotless your home is, how beautiful your table looks, or how good your food tastes, if you’re concerned about being the next Martha Stewart or Julia Child, then you need to examine your motives. 

If We’re Prideful, We Won’t Be Used By God

If you’re consumed with your reputation instead of God’s, and pride has crept in, then that is definitely something that you need to go to the Lord with and confess. God detests pride, He says in His Word. 

Our Motives Are Important When Used By God

I think God cares more about our motives than what we do sometimes. He cares about our hearts, which makes this a spiritual battleground. We need to recognize that, be prepared for a spiritual battle, and commit our hospitality to the Lord. 

God created you for a purpose. Get organized so you can obey His command to practice hospitality.

Satan Does Not Want Us To Be Used By God and Have Spiritual Fruit In Hospitality

Satan knows the power of hospitality. He doesn’t want us to be used by God. He has many opportunities to get a foothold in this area. We’re tempted to pride, we’re tempted to covetousness and envy, and we’re tempted to so many things, but God is stronger, and He is able to protect us and do His work in this area, despite our temptations. 

It’s very easy to forget about people. We’re inviting people into our home. God loves these people. So, Ask Him what His purpose is in inviting these people into your home and spend time praying for the people and for your family. 

Ask Him what His purpose is in inviting these people into your home. Spend time praying for them and your family

God created you for a purpose. Get organized so you can obey His command to practice hospitality.

Let’s Be Used By God For His Purposes in Hospitality

So, prepare your hearts and ask God to lead the time you’re together, guide the conversation and accomplish His purposes for this day. I know God wants to use you and me in His service to get the glory for it. So, let’s be used of Him and be available.

We have to be organized to practice hospitality. God will use this family ministry! Get my Workshop, Busy Mom Organized Life

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  1. Rhoda Miller says:

    I would like to gently point out though that there are definitely times where we do need to say no to having guests. We all have our limits. If the mother of the home has chronic health issues and can hardly take care of herself, let alone her family, then let’s extend grace to her. Jesus also said no to people sometimes and took time to rest away from the crowds. Healthy people cannot possibly grasp how hard it is to never feel well enough to have guests.

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