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Biblical Hospitality At Church

How to Genuinely Love and Show Hospitality At Church

Your Home For God, are-you-showing-hospitality-at-church

Are You Showing Hospitality at Church?

Show hospitality everywhereand especially at church? How do we genuinely love people and follow Christ’s example of showing hospitality, in our home and…at church? As I prayed over what to share with you this week and was asking the Lord what His message was for you, a Bible passage popped into my head.

This is a post with a big thought, or, at least, it was a big thought for me.

I’d like to expand your thinking about where hospitality takes place. I propose to you that Hospitality doesn’t take place only in the home.

If you’ve never thought of it before, I want you to be aware that you can and should show hospitality outside your home–and, I would challenge you to show hospitality everywhere.  

Your Home For God, Hospitality-As-Family-Ministry-3-Part-Series

Hospitality As Family Ministry – 3 Part Series

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One of the places to show hospitality that you may not have thought of is the place you worship each Sunday, at church. I want to challenge you.

When you’re at your own church, you are the one “at home.” Have you considered how you’re to treat others who visit, or who haven’t attended the church as long as you have? Have you thought of this as showing hospitality

Your Home For God, How-to-be-Prepared-To-Show-Hospitality-At-Church

How to be Prepared To Show Hospitality At Church

Am I Focused On Myself Or Do I Show Hospitality At Church

You should show hospitality, which is to say, to show the love of Christ, everywhere. There are many times that you’re the one who is, technically “at home,” and you can make a real difference in the life and experience of a “new person” or “outsider,” visiting! When they find out you’re a Christian, after experiencing your love, what will your actions say about what it means to be a Christian, and about Christ? Have you thought of how you honor Christ’s reputation?

This new person can be anyone from the new mom attending your moms’ group to the person from another country experiencing a completely foreign culture.

You’re The Regular If You’ve Been There Twice

Whenever you’re in a setting where you have been there more than once, you’re basically now a “regular,” and if there’s a visitor or new person there, you can make them feel “at home” by welcoming them, getting to know them a little, and answering any questions they have, or giving them a few tips on how to settle in and what they can expect.  

Your Home For God, Hospitality-As-Family-Ministry-3-Part-Series

Hospitality As Family Ministry – 3 Part Series

Read and Share this Series on “Hospitality as Family Ministry”:

Next up, “How To Show Practical Hospitality At Church.” These will be practical and specific steps that you can implement immediately!

Show Hospitality At Church and Everywhere

Jesus is our example. Let us follow in His steps. He gave His full attention to the person He was talking with, He never seemed in a hurry, and He always treated individuals with respect. Show hospitality everywhere–especially in your home, and at church.

Have a Great Week Making Your Home For God!

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