If Your Emotions Are Not the Problem, Then What Is?

Why the Foods We Eat Might Be Killing Us, Part 2

Your Emotions

Your emotions are out of control, and you're discouraged, aren't you? You have all kinds of strange symptoms, you're exhausted, and you don't know where to turn. Your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, perhaps, or you're seeing symptoms that make you think maybe that's it. 

This is Part 2 of a 3-part Series on Food Intolerance. Read Part 1 and Part 3 here. 

Disclaimer:  I am not a trained dietitian, nutritionist, chef, or medical professional. I am linking to posts from a Registered Dietitian, Deborah Hanyon. Know that the information on this blog is based on facts, research, and personal experiences. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Never dismiss any advice your health physician gives. The author shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages including, but not limited to, special, incidental, consequential, or any other damages.

Imagine if you could eat different foods and feel totally better! What if you fed your child a different diet and his behavior changed drastically for the better overnight? That's what happened to many other mothers! Click on the links, and read the testimonies of moms like you.​​​​

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Read Part 1 here, and Part 3, the conclusion of this 3-part series.

Out-of-Control Emotions Were Only the Beginning of My Symptoms

I began experiencing another symptom which deeply concerned me:  heart palpitations.

Skipped heartbeats and swollen ankles, accompanied by sheer exhaustion incapacitated me.  Was it my heart? It became worrisome enough for me to have a stress test done.

Reassuringly, they found nothing but a strong heart.  I passed with flying colors! Though I was relieved that my heart was fine, I was more confused that ever. What was causing my symptoms?!  I still did not know! (You should see a doctor, if you experience these symptoms!)

Emotions, Heart Palpitations, and Now Rashes and Itching

Have you experienced any of my symptoms? Thankfully, now that I have figured out my food intolerance, some of these symptoms are gone!

  • Itching in my inner ears driving me to distraction.

  • An itchy, hives-like rash near my neck and collarbone that stayed for years.

  • Occasional rashes and itching behind my ears.

Emotions and the Central Nervous System

Ten years earlier, during the years that I had severe “PMS,” nervousness and temper flare-ups caused my husband to ask if it was a “child-eating day.” 

if your emotions are not the problem, then what is, Salicylates are naturally occurring chemicals in foods. Foods which we eat every day and many which we consider healthy! Wendy Gunn, yourhomeforgod.com

If Emotions are not the problem, then please tell me, what is?

Now, my behavioral symptoms would sometimes be far worse! They included:

This irritability, combined with emotions leading to uncontrollable crying, led me to feel it was best on these days if I was not around people at all! I could barely stand myself, so I knew it must be very difficult for the people around me! Curling up in a ball in a corner sounded like a good idea.

Depression and Migraines

  • Emotional instability, mood swings, and depression, which came on suddenly, would mean whole days crying for no reason. Not fun times, folks.
  • Migraine-like headaches (minus the vomiting) would incapacitate me.

Sleeping the headaches off sometimes helped. Complaining of the too-frequent symptoms, the unrelenting fatigue that came with them, and a general feeling of being “unwell,” grew tiresome for all of us. I was sure my family was sick (no pun intended) of hearing about it all, so I tried not to mention my “problems” too much. Life still has to go on, right? 

No One  Someone Cares About Your Emotions

Are you discouraged? Going through a hard time?  There's a series coming March 1st, from Blogging Homeschoolers, called, "How to Homeschool Through the Hard Things." I'm honored to be a contributor. We continued Homeschooling during my diagnosis of cancer, through food intolerance and emotions totally out-of-control and through other hard times. I've been there and I'd love to be able to encourage you.

Your Home For God, your-emotions-are-not-the-problem

Why are my emotions so out of control?

Help, At Last:  There’s A Name For What I Have

I had been praying and praying for help and an answer.

Finally, a series of random (but, not to God!) circumstances proved helpful to me. I had the flu most of one week, and then started feeling better, but not good enough to get up and get going. With time on my hands, and nothing better to do, I decided to do some online research.

I Googled swollen lips, which had been the first symptom I noticed, and which still continued.

What Do My Emotions and Your ADHD Child Have To Do With Each Other? Read This

With a little time and research, the Lord allowed me to finally put together some of the pieces of the puzzle: Salicylates intolerance.  (This link is SO IMPORTANT! If you're parenting an ADHD child, please check into this. Many parents have found great help for their children through knowledge and dietary changes, and knowledge is the key. Please make sure to go to this link to read about its symptoms, the foods which trigger them, and a testimony of someone who suffered far more than I did. Also, this site is very informative about salicylates: Feingold Association.

All the symptoms I have listed so far are symptoms of:

 Intolerance to Salicylates

Now, you may be saying, "Weren't we talking about MSG?" Well, we were, and there is a relationship between salicylates and MSG! Go back to this link and read the info there, and you'll see that relationship! 

Salicylates are naturally occurring chemicals in foods. Foods which we eat every day and many which we consider healthy! Salicylates (sa-liss´-a-lates) can occur to varying degrees in many foods. (They are also present in non-food products, but for now, we'll stick to the subject of foods.)

Many foods which I had associated with healthy eating were making me sick.

Wendy Gunn 2018 

Some common  foods which I ate frequently, which contain salicylates:

Your Home For God, food-intolerance

Your Emotions May Be Affected by Healthy Foods

  • all berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)

  • apples (especially uncooked and with the skin on)

  • apple cider vinegar

  • grapes

  • grape juice–any juice is worse because they are present in a more concentrated form

  • peppers (all colors)

  • tomatoes, and tomato sauce

I really hope this series has been helpful to you! If you are experiencing symptoms that are troublesome to you, go and read the list of symptoms in the link on Salicylates and MSG. And, contact me, if you want to talk to someone who's gone through it.

Read Part 1 here, and then Part 3, the conclusion of this 3-part series on Food Intolerance and "Why the Foods We Eat Might Be Killing Us." It might not be your emotions at all that are the problem!


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