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How To Homeschool Through Cancer

Whatever hard thing you’re going through, the only way you really get through it is with Jesus (God, the Holy Spirit)! Hard times are inevitable, but Jesus knows what you’re going through, Friend. Here, to start, are 5 Tips to Help You in a Hard Time:

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5 Tips To Help You In A Hard Time

  • Step back and look at the big picture
  • Expect Less of yourself and others (give grace)
  • Simplify
  • Allow the other members of the Body to pick up the slack
  • Remember that (in regards to Homeschooling) Learning comes in many different forms
YOUR HOME FOR GOD, how-to-homeschool-through-cancer
Homeschooling in the Midst of the Hard Things!

There is no doubt, hearing you have cancer is a tumultuous and fearful experience. The short story is, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. A football-sized tumor was removed and I am alive (updated) 18 years later, praise the Lord! Read my cancer testimony for how God worked.

Academics Is Only Part Of Homeschooling

When you go through a hard time, it’s easy to forget that your children are going through one, too, and it is part of their story, as well. We Homeschooled our two children–aged 16 and 12 (almost 13), when I was diagnosed–from beginning to end. Academics is only one part of Homeschooling and it is not even first on the list, I’ve always asserted.  

“Spiritual growth and character development are much, much more important.”

Wendy Gunn

Spiritual growth and character development are much, much more important,” I’ve often expounded. Academics comes second and way down the list after what is first.

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