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Be So Organized Next Year!

This post is about being so organized. All year, through having a Gift Shelf and buying your gifts and cards Ahead. So, read to the end, for all my tips, no matter what time of year it is, because they’ll help you to be more organized all. year. long!!! I would love to help you be more organized and feel peaceful and calm, instead of frazzled. Being organized really helps. But, let me tell you about my experience this year.

I’ll be honest, and tell you that this year, Christmas didn’t go as planned! Not because I wasn’t ahead in planning. Not because I wasn’t organized. But, because of the spiritual battle I’ve experienced. So, as a disclaimer, being organized isn’t an absolute guarantee of the most wonderful Christmas you’ll ever have! But, it sure does help! I think we all look for a guarantee. We want so badly for a “do this and you’ll get these results” solution. But, that is just not the way that Jesus works. And, our Christmas expectations are misplaced.

Your Home For God, Ready-for-Christmas-to-be-over
Ready for Christmas to be Over?

In this post are affiliate links, which just means that when you click on a link, and buy something, it won’t cost you anything extra, but it might benefit me by paying me a small commission, for which I thank you! You can trust that I only share those things I really think are great, and honestly know you’ll love. Most of the things I share I use in my own home and can highly recommend, as is the case in what I’m sharing today.

Jesus Suffered

If there’s one thing that God is teaching me this season, it’s that Jesus suffered. He came to die. He humbled himself so incredibly.

It hit me that when Jesus received the highest praise and worship of tens of thousands of people, and the multitudes thronged to hear Him speak, it was complete humiliation for Him. We forget Who Jesus is. Compared to what Jesus–God–deserves, man’s earthly praise is humiliation. Yet He receives it. 

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Are you praying?

Why Should I Expect to Live Differently From Christ

Jesus came into this world, suffered, and died, for you and me. And he calls us to live a life like His, of sacrifice, serving and loving others.

He gives us such joy when we do. He speaks of abundant life. He says that He brings peace. It is indeed a contradiction. But, it is all truth.

Be Organized to Serve God and Show Love To Others

What does loving and serving others have to do with organization, Christmas and enjoyment of it?! Is God only interested in my sacrificial life? Doesn’t God care if I’m organized and prepared? Or that we enjoy family time and giving gifts to each other?

I believe God cares very much! It’s organization that allows me to be free to serve the Lord at a moment’s notice, and be ready to respond to His prompting to give and go! Being prepared and thinking ahead makes us more like Him. God is a God of order!

Your Home For God, be-so-organized-next-year
Love God and Love People

He is also a Giver!  Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights. He gives the most wonderful gifts. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

This is my number one tip for you, on how to be organized next year. Buy gifts and cards on the DaySpring website ahead of time! You’ll save money, besides time! Buy your Christmas cards, letterhead, and gifts, at the After-Christmas Sale on Dayspring and throughout the year, get their boxed cards, so you never have to buy a card full-price.

This is what I do every year! It’s important to me to send a card with a Christian message. A Christmas card, with Scripture and a gospel message, may be the only message of Christ that my unsaved relatives hear this entire year.

Get Ahead For Next Year

Buying my cards and other Christmas supplies and gifts during the After-Christmas Sale on DaySpring means I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for quality items with a Christian message, and I’m also a year ahead! Yay, me! Makes me feel so organized! But, you can buy them any time before Christmas!

You can address them and sign them while watching a movie with your family in August or September. That’s what I do. When there’s no pressure and no rush. Can you feel the peace?

Pretty and Organized–A Great Combination!

Have you gotten into journaling this year? I love to journal, and have been way more consistent over the last few years, by having journals on hand to use. I like the ones that are not only pretty, but have a meaningful saying on the front. I also use these to take notes on Sunday sermons, which, for me, means I get so much more out of the sermon:)

Do you like to use stickers as you journal? or have you thought of giving stickers as a gift with a journal? I like to coordinate several things into a theme gift! It feels so good to be organized with pretty things!

Keep Boxed Cards on Your Gift Shelf

If you want to be even more organized throughout the year, buy boxed birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards, bridal shower cards, baby shower cards, sympathy cards and thank you cards.

DaySpring has beautiful cards–so you don’t have to run to the store at the last minute and pay 10 times as much. Be that thoughtful friend who’s always prepared to show love with a special card when someone has a birthday, bridal or baby shower, wedding, anniversary, or when they’ve lost a loved one.

This Year, Be Prepared! Have a Stocked Gift Shelf!

Stock your gift shelf, too! This is your year to get organized! I love to have on hand journals, mugs and other gifts, especially with inspirational sayings and Scripture on them, to gift friends and family throughout the year. You know Mother’s Day is coming every year! Who are the women you want to buy for? Is there a teacher you’ll need a gift for? If someone goes in the hospital, will you have a devotional book on your shelf to bless them? You can also give the same gift to many people! Everyone loves a cute journal, for instance, especially with a motivational message! Or a mug and matching devotional! I love DaySpring gift sets! You are free to give it as a set, or break apart into separate gifts!

You’re Going to Buy Gifts–Buy Ahead!

Just a quick note to remind you that you’re going to buy gifts for family and friends now, or later, so you might as well get them now, and save both time AND money!!! And eliminate the pressure.

I hate running out for a gift and card at the last minute, knowing I’m spending way more than I needed to, just because I didn’t plan ahead!

Plan ahead and get deals on really nice gifts! Be the friend who remembers people’s birthdays, anniversaries, and special days, and always has just the right gift! Only you will know how easy and inexpensive it was!

Have a Great Day Making Your Home For God!

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