How to Decorate to Proclaim What God Has Done For You

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Hi! If you’re new here, let me introduce myself! I’m Wendy Gunn. I’m a Christian wife and mom, a homeschooler, with grown children who we home-schooled all the way through.

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How to Decorate to Proclaim What God Has Done For You with a wall of family photos!

Wall of Family Photos

Here is a 2-Minute Tip for you, to help you as you are raising Godly children for the Lord. Decorate your home to proclaim what God has done for you and encourage Godly character

As a mom, you can use your home decor to proclaim God’s goodness, to be a constant reminder to have Godly attitudes, and to help train your children in the character of Christ! You’re raising Godly children for the Lord. Use every room and wall of your house to help you!

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Have a great day making your home for God!

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