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What is the Startling Truth About the One Door to Safety

The One Door of Noah’s Ark is an Important Symbol

One door and only one. What do you think of Noah’s Ark? Did you know that Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis have built a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark? We recently went to see Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. I recommend this trip for your family! It was amazing! But, I want to talk to you about the analogy God made. The Ark is a symbol of salvation. God gave explicit instructions what the Ark would look like, how you would enter, allowed only certain people in, and…There was only door in the Ark. And after those God allowed to come in, had entered, God closed the door.

We must think about our lives and realize judgment is coming.

Your Home For God, Go-this-day-to-the-Lord-Jesus-Christ-and-entreat-him-to-save-your-soul

Go this very day to the Lord Jesus Christ, in the first private place you can find, and earnestly and heartily entreat him in prayer to save your soul. J. C. Ryle

One Door to Enter

In Noah’s day they were eating and drinking and marrying, just as we are today, and did not recognize that judgment was coming. Time is running out, people. You don’t know if you have tomorrow. If you aren’t absolutely sure of your salvation, make sure today.

When Noah’s family got on the Ark, they made a choice to step in through the door. Jesus is the symbol of the door. Or, the door is the symbol of Jesus. There’s only one way. You can’t make your own way. You can’t decide for yourself. There aren’t many ways. There’s one door.

The door is the symbol of Jesus. There’s only one way to be saved. You can’t make your own way. You can’t decide for yourself. There aren’t many ways. There’s One Door.

Your Home For God, cry-out-to-god

Cry out to God.

One Door and Then You’re Safe

Once you make that step through the door and accept Jesus’ death and resurrection in payment for your sins, turning and repenting of your sins, He comes in and you go into the “Ark” of salvation. You go in and God shuts the door once and for all. You are safe. Hell and destruction are outside, but you are safe within. Eternal life is yours.

One Door, One Most Important Prayer

Won’t you, if you aren’t sure of your salvation, or you maybe never even have thought about it, won’t you pray the most important prayer and go through the door, accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life

I’m really excited to share with you these videos on Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life. Today’s is of utmost importance. Watch them all, beginning with Prayer is Important! Prayer from the heart has been the number one thing–so life-changing–in my spiritual life, (are you praying from your heart?) and I want to ignite your spiritual fire, by igniting your passion for prayer!

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