How to Find My Identity Is All In Who I Ask - Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life by Wendy Gunn

How to Find My Identity is All in Who I Ask

You Have Been Uniquely Created Special by God!

Who are you? What gifts and talents do you have that God wants to use for His glory?! You are uniquely created by God! There is a good knowing in finding out what gifts God has given us. We are better equipped to love others when we know our own love language, for instance, and understand the other love languages, and the differences between them. We will love our children and our spouse better. Ask God who He made you to be and find  your identity in Him.

Who knows you better than God?

What is My Identity? Go to God and Ask Him. He is making you into His Image.

What is My Identity? Go to God and Ask Him. He is making you into His Image.

My Identity in Christ

My identity–the one that’s important–is in Christ. God created me. God knows all, sees all, from before the beginning of time! There is nothing hid that is not seen by Him! He understands all! So, does it not make a world of sense to go to God if I want to know who I am? Who did you make me to be, Lord?! What is Your purpose for me on this earth? What gifts have You given me, and how do You propose I use them to glorify You?

My identity will change as I become more and more like Christ.

My Identity is Changing

My identity is changing, or at least I pray it is! In the sense that I pray I am becoming more and more like Christ. I’m not trying to encourage you to selfishly and vainly find yourself. To seek yourself, and spend and waste time pursuing yourself, and who you are. No, that is far from what I’m suggesting.

My Identity For God’s Glory

God has a plan, and He’s going to finish the work He’s begun in you and me. I want to cooperate with His plan and work. I want to know where there is sin, weakness, personality and character deficiencies that cause others to turn away from Christ, and to be offended, or put off, etc., and work with Christ to change them.

My Identity Is Totally Known To God

My identity is an open book to God. Yours, too. Not only who you are now, but who you have been at every age and stage of your development! (From the beginning of time! Psalm 139 And, He created your individual children, too, with special identities for them, too!) Not only that, but who you will be at every moment in your future, too! So, in the end, Who knows you better than God and where should you turn first to find out your identity? God has used many other tools and people to help me with this. Watch the video for more insights.

Let me know your thoughts. What is your personality like? Introvert? Extrovert? What are your spiritual gifts? What tools or people have helped you find out who you are? Let me know in the comments one defining characteristic of who you are! It’s so cool how God made us all so unique!

Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life

I’m really excited to share with you these videos on Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life. Watch them all! Prayer is Important! Prayer from the heart has been the number one thing–so life-changing–in my spiritual life, (are you praying from your heart?) and I want to ignite your spiritual fire, by igniting your passion for prayer! And, the most important prayer is the one I talk about in this video: step through the door and into eternal life! 

Read my Series on Prioritizing Your Spiritual Life, “Do You Pray” by J. C. Ryle:


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