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Can I Really get organized? Me?

When I was newly married, I was clueless about how to be organized and run a home. My mom had tried to teach me, but I wasn’t very interested (and she made it look easy)! I had a lot of things to learn about establishing systems and routines, maintaining the discipline of consistent daily routines, homemaking, how to get organized, and achieving an organized home and organized life–all the things I talk about here at Your Home For God! I became a willing student because of all the benefits I knew there were in it, and I began my study.

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We’re going to talk about four areas that I studied in my early years of marriage! As if I were taking a class in school, I read books, did experiments, took notes, and memorized facts. I evaluated different methods and applied what I’d learned. And little by little, I became more and more organized. Now I help you get organized more easily!

Four Areas to Focus On To Have An Organized Life

  1. Kitchen organization
  2. Housecleaning
  3. Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping: How to meal plan, grocery shop, and what’s in my pantry and freezer
  4. Paper Pile Control: I’ll talk about my progress in keeping my paper piles under control, for this is a never-ending project, but isn’t it for all of us? I will share what’s worked for me:)

To become that “organized mom,” when you’re so busy(!),

get my workshop, Busy Mom Organized Life today!

Getting organized has changed my life in every way. If you feel it’s impossible, that you’re a hopeless case, or why even try, because your situation is so bad, let me encourage you that you can do it! You’ve heard, perhaps, the question: “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time!” 

If an organized life seems like eating an elephant, take one bite at a time! I’ll help you with tips, encouragement, and my example, because if I can do it, so can you.

When you get one area of your life under control, there is a ripple effect! God is so gracious, and the smallest effort I put into self-discipline, brought rewards. The self-discipline and order you bring to a physical area of your home or life affect your mind and spirit, and the discipline  you bring to your spiritual life affects all the other areas. There is a snowball effect, and it is exponentially impactful! As in everything, ask the LORD to help you! God is a god of order, remember.

Would you like to be a different person next year?

Would you like to be a different person in a year? You can be! Do you want to have a home in order, and organized systems in place? You can!  Time will pass, and a year from now, you can be a completely different person, at least in terms of organization, if you begin now! I’m here to help you!

Let’s begin! First, realize that you have control and choices! Isn’t that encouraging? In this time when everything feels out of control, there are areas of your life that you can “control” and bring order to that will make an eternal impact on your life and your family.

“You Do have choices, and you can do it! Get an organized life that will make an eternal impact on you, your family, and everyone around you–maybe even the world!” Wendy Gunn

How to Get Organized is a Big Subject

How to get organized is a big subject, so this theme will grow, expand, and I’ll post on it often! Having a plan in any endeavor is a great boost to your success! It’s like the drawings or plans for a house you are building.

An Organized Life Will Save You Time and Money

Want more to read on organizing, saving money, and Home and Time Management/Organization? Read these posts (and there’s more–check them out!):

This Series won’t be a comprehensive look at the subject, but the nuts and bolts, with helpful tips that you can implement. This topic is huge, and I don’t think we know or realize that we probably will be learning how to get organized all our life. 

This is because there are always changes! Who could have anticipated the changes we’ve experienced these past years? You may be experiencing so many changes in your home and routine that you’ve had to reorganize systems that were working perfectly fine! That’s how life is. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having an organized life is peace of mind. And, then, there’s less stress, less pressure, and the ability to enjoy life and the people around you. You’ll find you have more energy and joy. And the sense of fulfillment of reflecting God, for God is a god of order.

An Organized Life Requires Work, But It’s Worth It

Our lives change, and as they do, our family’s lifestyle and needs change. There are phases and stages. As our children grow, we need different storage systems and space allotted for clothing, shoes, and other items. Our children’s capability to take on chores around the house affects the systems we put in place to keep our home running, too. 

Where you live may change, and what you have in your home based on the size of your home may change. Your physical capabilities change as you age, and circumstances affect what you can do. Maybe you’re pregnant or have morning sickness, and what you could do before now seems difficult, so you have to adapt. Even how much paper comes into our home changes, as we make choices about finances, schooling, etc. All that to say, our systems change and evolve.

You’re not horrible because your systems fall apart, and you must figure out how to do things all over again. This is normal. We have to flex, change, adjust, pray over it all, and test the new systems, tweaking them to make them fit. If you have a very fluid life, with constant change, or frequent moves, you will have to get used to making frequent changes to  your systems, and constantly finding new ways of doing things.

An organized life requires prayer, work, and patience, but it’s so worth it!

I hope to teach you ways to think about your home and family that will help you establish systems that work now and adapt those systems to the inevitable changes you will experience. For this is life!

You may not like the topic of organization, or perhaps you’re so overwhelmed, you don’t know where to begin. I want to encourage you, first, with these 10 Wonderful Benefits of Your Organized Life! (And there are many more:)

10 Wonderful Benefits Of Your Organized Life

  • Peace of mind (the peace a well-running home and life gives is unbelievable)
  • Less stress and pressure, more time, and the ability to enjoy your home, family and life
  • Time saved (for instance, not wasting time looking for things)
  • Money is saved because you know what you have, and where it is stored, and you don’t end up replacing something you already have, but couldn’t find
  • You have a good testimony and a good name (“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” Proverbs 22:1), and represent God well, because “God is a god of order,” and you may be praised by family and friends, (that was really three benefits)
  • You are able to train your children well in organizational skills, because much of the training is caught, rather than taught, and they’ll grow up to be organized in their homes, from watching you and living in an organized home
  • You will be able to have others do work in your home, accept the help offered (for instance, when you have a baby or are sick), and have your children do jobs in the home more easily because systems are in place for what to do and how to do them
  • You will be ready for unexpected events and  company who show up at your door unannounced; you can be flexible to say yes to the fun, spontaneous activities and invitations that come up  (for instance, when your husband wants to go somewhere on a day you’d planned for other things, you can say yes, because you have a plan and your home is generally in order all the time)
  • You will be able to focus on setting goals you know you will accomplish (because organization breeds confidence and your mind will be freed to focus on other things, like your big dreams. Disorganization is frustrating, and overwhelming, and keeps you from accomplishing your goals.)
  • You will be able to think long term, and become disciplined to set goals you accomplish in other areas: e.g. the discipline you learn to organize your home and life will transfer over to weight loss, organizing your photos, making those photo books you’ve always wanted to, planning trips, and having the money to take them, getting out of debt, perhaps starting a ministry, or starting a blog, or some other service, and many other long term goals.

So you see that an organized life has many benefits, and it is a worthy goal! You CAN DO IT!

Want to know how to eliminate that feeling of being too overwhelmed even to begin?

Ready to get started now? Here’s help for you:

Be that organized Mom with simple tips to have organized consistent routines, an organized home, and an organized life! Get my "Busy Mom Organized Life" Workshop today!
Be that Organized Mom with simple tips to have organized, consistent routines, an organized home, and organized life! Get the Busy Mom Organized Life Workshop today!

Have a Great Day Making Your Home For God!

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