How i lost 50 pounds!, God is prompting you to change, give in, surrender, that there's something much better He has for you. Let go. You can accomplish the goals God has for you! Come with me on a Journey from Heart Change to Habits Change. Interested in a weight loss course? Subscribe at and email me for more information.

My Weight Loss Transformation

  • Surrender to God (Say, “Change me, Lord”) 
  • Ask God what way He wants you to lose (there are many that will work) 
  • Be ready to obey and do what God’s already told you

If you only do the above, you’ll have the core of my weight loss tips and tricks. Change starts in the heart! God began working on my heart long before I began achieving weight loss in my body.

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Change Starts In The Heart

Within the first 2 years of marriage, I put on 63 pounds. And, that wasn’t my top weight, by a long shot.

That is why it was such a thrill for me, at our daughter’s wedding a year ago, to be within 5 pounds of my own wedding weight. I achieved a weight loss of almost 50 pounds!

Wendy Gunn, Your Home For God, About Me

I’m here to tell you that you can accomplish the goals God has for you! Nothing can stop you from obtaining the goals that are God’s will for you.

So, find out what God has for you! Join me as we Journey from Heart Change to Habits Change. I will help you to accomplish the change that God wants to make. Subscribe today to get your free Checklists for Consistent Routines, then get the Prioritizing God’s Unique Goals For You Bundle, which includes Goals Forms to Determine Who God Uniquely Made You, and to Identify How He Has Used You Up To Now, plus a Heart Change to Habits Change Journal with 31 Prompts to determining what God has for you to do, and facilitate the changes He wants to make in your life. Subscribe today!

Your Home For God, why-you-must-change

I was always the weird one, doing what was unexpected of me. So, I started out my first pregnancy very overweight, and lost 25 lbs by the time I’d delivered! I was diagnosed gestational diabetic during pregnancy, which totally scared me.

God Uses Trials To Produce Heart Change

Due to my fears for my baby, (and that he’d be huge) I was absolutely religious in following the diabetic diet my doctor put me on, and I didn’t gain a pound during my pregnancy. The diabetic diet is actually very healthy eating–for anyone, so I was also healthier!

Your Home For God, How-I-Lost-50-Pounds

Then, I gained it all back and more, ballooning to nearly 80 pounds over my wedding weight. I suffered a miscarriage. Then, not pregnant, I was diagnosed borderline diabetic. If I didn’t get my health under control, and specifically lose significant weight, I would need insulin shots daily.

My doctor gave me a hard talking to.  A Christian, who I greatly respected, our doctor had been our family doctor for years. When I was diagnosed borderline diabetic, he scared me to death with his speech, but, it was just what I needed to begin weight loss. I didn’t want to have to give myself shots of insulin for the rest of my life. I was only 32.

Your Home For God, you-can-accomplish-the-goals-God-has-for-you
You Can Accomplish the Goals God Has For You!

25 pounds came off. I was learning more healthy eating and healthy cooking. I eliminated added sugar from my diet for 5 years. In the meantime, I was pregnant with our daughter, and was diagnosed gestational diabetic again.

God made us each uniquely and is writing a message through both the good and bad in our lives. He uses what are heavy trials at the time, to become some of the biggest blessings in our lives! 

“When you plan to surrender your heart to God, it’s no accident when God takes control of your body.”

Wendy Gunn

A diagnoses of borderline diabetes and gestational diabetes were the best things that could have happened to me, because they were used in my life to help me change. To lose weight and begin to change my eating habits. 

But, more importantly, those trials resulted in my spiritual growth and blessing, and greater obedience to God. 

Your Home For God, God-stripped-me-of-all-that-I-was-holding-on-to
God stripped me of all that I was holding on to.

I’m very grateful that God used borderline diabetes in my younger days to keep me from continuing to go down that road even further! Who knows how heavy I’d be or if I’d be alive.

We were homeschooling, and life was busy. While moving, decorating and enjoying the busyness of our Homeschooling days, I gained another 50 pounds. By my early 40’s, I reached my top weight, which was almost 100 pounds over wedding weight!

Of course, I looked for weight loss motivation, and weight loss was God’s desire for me, too. However, it is always the heart change that God is more concerned about, and that He prompts first. Before God dealt with healthy eating, He dealt with bitterness in my heart.

“No one starts with wrong thoughts, but ends up with right actions.”

If you have bitterness in your heart, you might not even know it’s there. I know what it’s like and can help you.

Bitterness felt like being trapped inside a prison house of my own making, where once the windows were wide open and the breeze of the Holy Spirit blew freely through. Now, you’ve closed all the windows, bolted the shutters, trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again, but you’re trapped inside.

You’re disappointed with someone, maybe many people. You’ve been hurt, offended. But, why are you the one that’s hurting, not the person you’re bitter towards? If you are bitter, I have good news that will set you free.

Not only Clean Eating, But a Clean Heart

God did big things, and my most powerful testimonies come out of that time. 

I still wasn’t ready to change, so, God prepared my heart to change first, through my biggest trial yet. In 2002, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I faced death head on. Statistically, I shouldn’t still be here. But, God wasn’t done with me yet. I’m very grateful my life was miraculously saved.

Your Home For God, uniquely-created-by-God

Prior to that diagnosis, little by little, through weight loss tips and tricks, I had lost here and there, and come back down to where I now carried “only” an extra 60 pounds. The spring after my cancer treatments ended, I was participating in an online Bible Study, when God did a major work in my heart. I heard the testimony of a man who had lost a substantial amount of weight. As I read his testimony, God convicted me to the core of the disobedience of my gluttony, and lack of faith. The Holy Spirit began to make me absolutely desperate for whatever God wanted to do in me.

I Surrendered to God and Confessed My Sin of Gluttony

In 2003, motivated by a strong desire for a healthy lifestyle and to avoid cancer in the future, I began to research good clean eating recipes. You could say I began my journey to clean eating in 2003.

Your Home For God, you-can-lose-weight-without-exercise-but-you-cannot-keep-it-off
You can lose weight without exercise, but you can’t keep it off without exercise!

My husband, who had always been skinny, (it seemed without trying) told me I just needed to exercise. Not being an athletic person, or even an active one, I wanted to prove to him that I could achieve weight loss without any exercise at all! 

Well, I did! I proved to my husband and myself, that, yes, I could achieve weight loss without exercise, but I didn’t know without exercise, you can’t keep it off. Very slowly, the weight began to come back on.

Next week I’ll share more before and after photos from My Weight Loss Transformation Story, Part 2!

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Posts You Want to Read that relate to weight loss

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