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How to Get Organized to Homeschool with confidence

If you get organized to Homeschool it will benefit you in many ways, only one is that it will increase your confidence! But, if you haven’t done any of these things, I want you to know YOU CAN HOMESCHOOL! 

Just like before you have a baby, every bit of what you’ve done ahead helps. So it is with Homeschooling. But, don’t let these tips become a weight or a “should” that overwhelms you. These are just my tips for a new Homeschooler (and even if you are not new you might find a new idea or two!) that you will find helpful, if you have the time to implement them. Get your whole family involved in preparations.

When you are preparing for a big event in your home or family–a new baby, for example, or a visit from your inlaws–what do you do? You plan and prepare ahead of time. That’s what I recommend you do to get organized to Homeschool with confidence. It is a big event that will go so much more smoothly, if you prepare and plan ahead! But, don’t stress–just do what you can!

All of life is learning You've been teaching your child since he was born | Your Home For God

12 Ways to Get Organized to Homeschool with confidence:

A lot of these tips are things I recommend you make a regular practice, and involve your kids in, and your home will run so much more smoothly, but remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Don’t expect perfection–just keep moving forward! 

Menu Plan to Get Organized to Homeschool | Your Home For God

Menu Plan to Get Organized to Homeschool.

  • Make Menu Plans for at least the first month. (I recommend you do this all the time!)
  • Make meals ahead and freeze them.
  • Get caught up (or more caught up) with the laundry.
  • Do a little deep cleaning (fall cleaning).
  • Plan and prepare ahead quick healthy snacks and lunch items to freeze that can be reheated (and make a list of others that can be quickly assembled).
  • Plan a Chore Chart and begin training how to do the jobs, if your children need training (ease into it–don’t be a drill sergeant!) or make this one day of school a week. We called this “Life Skills Day.”
  • Have a Family Meeting so everyone is on board with the plans, but make it enjoyable.
  • Clear your calendar and schedule of commitments for a time. (Practice saying no!)
  • Plan a few fun activities the first month or two: choose a few from this list: educational field trips, nature walks, apple orchard trip, picnic in the backyard, a visit to the zoo,  museums, a baking day, a day to put up a blanket fort (for younger kids) or pretend store; and talk about how fun it’s going to be.
  • Begin a sleep schedule (if you’ve been relaxed over the summer) that will take you through at least the first months.
  • Resist signing your kids up for extracurricular activities.
  • Plan to ease into schooling–we didn’t plan to do all the subjects the first couple of weeks. We did a review at first, for instance, of math. Have a schedule written out and plan to read a lot of great books (living books)! Order them, or get them from the library.

Do some Deeper Cleaning to Get Organized to Homeschool | Your Home For God

Do some Deeper Cleaning to Get Organized to Homeschool | Your Home For God

Training your children by example and working together to get organized is training them to be successful in life.

Wendy Gunn

Training your children to get organized

Have routines for cleaning, and begin, if you haven’t already, to train your children to help with all the chores around the house. Your smallest children are often the most willing workers, so don’t squash their enthusiasm! Involve them, and applaud and praise their great attitude!

Make working together fun! Don’t stress out about how perfectly or imperfectly the job is done. Just work together. Train a little at a time, one child, and one job at a time. That can come later, if your children are younger.

The confidence you will have from having your home and life more organized will be worth every bit of extra work it took!

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Training to get organized instills confidence and leads to success

I recommend you plan a day a week in your Homeschool for “Life Skills Training.” Many teens and young adults go out into the world knowing nothing about how to run a home, maintain a vehicle, do laundry, do minor repairs, and so they will spend many hours, and hard-earned money to hire others to do the work that they could do themselves.

Your youngest children are often your most enthusiastic helpers. Don’t squash their enthusiasm. Rather, find little jobs that they can do, and praise their attitude! You are training future workers.” 

Wendy Gunn

There are a lot of reasons to train your children to help with the maintenance of the home. While some look at this as making your children your servants, I look at this as doing your children a great favor! You will save them a ton of money, if they can do the work themselves. You will instill in them confidence, and make them more valuable employees that employers will clamor to hire for their great work ethic. You are doing your children a disservice by not training them to work in the home.

There is no prescribed list of things to do before you begin to Homeschool. It is up to you and your family! You are beginning a journey together. You are a team, and you will learn to work together. You will get more organized, and gain in confidence. Wherever you are, start there! 

Do some Deeper Cleaning to Get Organized to Homeschool | Your Home For God

Do some Deeper Cleaning to Get Organized to Homeschool | Your Home For God

Don’t beat yourself up over what you perceive as your shortcomings, and definitely don’t compare yourself to others. (Don’t be proud, either, mama, if this is something you are naturally gifted at! Just thank the LORD for that gift.) 

You are all learning in Homeschooling, and working to get organized is one of the classes you will all have to take. Enjoy the progress you make, and the confidence to Homeschool it will give you.

Have a Great Week Making Your Home For God!

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